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He is OURS: Shelanu | Arrows from Zion 2/12/2020

He is OURS: "Shelanu"
by Ron Cantor 

I have some amazing news to share with you. It all started about a year ago when I received a text from an executive with HOT Cable—Israel’s largest television provider. He asked me if I would come and meet with him. I drove to his office, near Netanya.

We spoke in Hebrew for about 45 minutes. I shared my testimony with him and gave him my book, Identity Theft, in Hebrew. Finally, I asked him why he had asked to meet with me. I assumed it was connected to my role as the Israel regional director for GOD TV. I was right. He wanted us on the air.

I reminded them that we had been on the air for three months with them, and they had taken us off. I told him that I had no interest in going through that again. He told me that things had changed and that would not happen.

Then I said, “I don’t really have a desire to have an English TV station in Israel. Can we broadcast in Hebrew?” I assumed that was likely the end of our conversation. He would never let us share about Yeshua in Hebrew. So, I was a little shocked when he said that it would not be a problem.

On the way home, I called my best friend Ward Simpson, who also happens to be the CEO of GOD TV. He, too, was excited. The question became, where would we get the funds to pay for this? During his next trip to Israel, we met with the executives of HOT. It was a good meeting, but we still had the same problem. How could we pay for it? But also, how could we pass up an opportunity to reach so many Israelis with the gospel?

A few months went by and, in May of last year, Ward was about to send an email to Avi, my contact at HOT. He was going to tell him, “thank you…but we don’t have the funds…” Before he could send the email, a donor called him. Two weeks or so earlier, Ward had told this donor about the Israel project. The fellow said, “I can’t stop thinking about the Israel cable channel. I will pay for seven years!”

The next thing I knew, we were signing contracts!

In early November, we hosted a dinner with 120 leaders from all over Israel and shared the vision. Ward told them that while GOD TV would pay for the channel, it would more or less belong to the local Messianic community. What was amazing was the HOT Cable executive came to this dinner and addressed the gathered Messianic leaders. He was just as thrilled as we were, though he is not a believer. He expressed his excitement in being involved in something as “historic” as the first Hebrew language Gospel channel in history!

We go live in one month! We are challenging the body of Messiah here to make powerful content. We already have some really good stuff. Our friends at One for Israel have dozens of Hebrew testimonies and we have great music videos in Hebrew. Israeli evangelist Yakov Damkani is giving us a ton of material in Hebrew, too. There are others, as well, but we need more! In the beginning, we will use a limited amount of English programming. The goal is to move to mostly Hebrew content with a few hours each day of content in Arabic, to reach the millions of Muslims in the region.

The name of the channel is Shelanu. Shelanu is Hebrew for “ours.” In essence, we are saying to Israel: Yeshua is not a foreigner. He was born in Israel, He died in Israel and He rose from the dead in Israel! He is our elder brother; He is the Messiah of Israel.

We need your prayers for this! This has never been done. We have tried to fly below the radar, not because we are ashamed or seeking to hide anything, but because the Orthodox Community will do anything to keep the message of Yeshua out of this country.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Tikkun's Ron Cantor: "I want to ask you to pray.... The conflict stems from Tikkun's longstanding position that all five gifts in Eph. 4:11 are still in operation and our belief that the Bible speaks of the restoration of the church (Acts 3:19-21) in the end-times. Some have inflated these beliefs into saying the most crazy conspiracy theories.... We have been mostly quiet about this, not wanting to make local disputes public. But today, I am asking for your prayers over the next month—until a crucial meeting of leaders on March 20th. Pray for the truth to prevail and for unity in the Israeli body of believers. Come against the “divider” and “accuser of the brethren”. May Yeshua be glorified in the end!

Also 2 weeks ago two Israelis made a video about the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR). Unfortunately, in this video there are many inconsistencies, false assertions and bad information.... NAR WATCH ISRAEL... condemns virtually every Israeli charismatic ministry as being part of the "deceptive" NAR. We felt that a response was needed. In my video segment, I go through 10 of these. Not only do I not believe any of these 10 doctrines—I don't know anyone who does. Check it out! WATCH RON's VIDEO

Israel Pochtar of the Voice of Judah ministries & Beit Hallel congregation in Ashdod writes about their local congregation where
Arab & Israeli coexistence is alive and well in the Israeli city of Ramla. Also the annual Reconciliation Conference in Istanbul, Turkey: Jews and Arabs worshipping together where the participants are seeking unprecedented unity in Messiah.  You can also get their Strategic Prayer Points online

Eric Benson of the House of Victory which is a rehab for men in Mt Carmel has a great experience in December while at a ministry event north of Haifa. As he was drinking coffee three men out of the huge crowd approached him and he was delighted to recognize three former students of House of Victory from 1999, 2002 and 2006. They were continuing to walk with the Lord and introduced Eric to their wives and children with them. "They all looked strong and healthy. I was in awe and overwhelmed with the great surprise of seeing these men. They all had the testimony of being set free in our center and continuing to walk in the love of our Lord." What a blessing! These are the things that God orchestrates to encourage our hearts.

Eric writes, "As the Lord wants to “turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers" (Mal. 4:6), this is certainly not limited to a father and son relationship. It includes the entire family. In our home a son and his mother are being reconnected. A brother and sister are being restored in their love for one another. This is the work of the Lord, and it is marvelous to behold (Ps. 118:23). For more in the monthly reports on the men they are currently working with and how to pray for them, contact Eric directly.

Gil Afrait is the lead pastor at Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv and in his first congregational mailing, he writes about how Ron Cantor, who has been doing the reports, is now handing the detail off to him as Ron has many new duties as the Tikkun global CEO. Ron is still an elder at Tiferet Yeshua, which Gil writes they recently held their bi-annual deacons and elders meeting. They sent a picture of the elders, David Trubeck, Ron Cantor, Moti Cohen and Gil Afriat who were reviewing the Tiferet Yeshua activities for the past 6 months: the gospel is being preached, every week we're feeding the poorest of the poor in south Tel Aviv, Israelis are coming to faith, and we are looking to expand our discipleship team in order to be able to give needed support and direction to new believers. 

Rania Sayegh of the House of Prayer & Exploits sent a recap of her year in Nazareth - which I can't share because it is a graphic. You can get it by signing up directly for her ministry letter. Meanwhile she did share that some of the things they are looking to complete in 2020 is also a prayer request: they are looking for a new building to house their HOPE center for a training hall, prayer room, coffee shop and healing rooms. Rania writes, "Thank you for your continuous prayer and financial support that allow us to carry the vision of working with the Arab and Jewish women of the land, as well as with the younger generation."

From Maoz Ministries, Tamar Afriat shares the testimony of David, a rebellious son of Orthodox parents who has turned out to inspire this title:
A Street Evangelist is Born. Also from Maoz in a different mailing, this one the weekly prayer request letter, Maoz writes about the Coronoavirus, explaining how in such a densely populated land, their life could change in a fundamental way with an outbreak and Israel is going all out to stop the virus from entering the Land.

Other prayer points concern security - including the entire eligible voter database that was exposed through a campaign app last week - 6.5 million Israelis out of a population of 9 million! Pray for God to protect in ways only He can. Israel's security as an uptick in terrorist attacks since the Trump plan was revealed, and Israel's 3rd national elections - which needs a miracle from God to get a clear cut government that will be good for Israel's national security AND for the household of faith in Yeshua.

Sally Shiff who is an intercessor and liaison for the HaMaayan congregation in Kfar Saba has announced that she will be doing an in-depth conference on how to pray for Israel May 1-2, 2020 in Venice, Florida called "Restoring Our Inheritance". If you are interested in the details, write Sally. She also writes this month with a testimony of a young IDF soldier from the congregation. His service is as a Sergeant with a front line unit that skirmishes with Gaza. He is the only believer in a unit of 9 that he leads and is such an inspiration with much favor from fellow soldiers. Please pray for Victor and for all the believers who are serving the LORD and their nation. Also, if you would like to volunteer or intern at the congregation, contact Sally.

From Revive Israel we have two videos, first Asher's God's plan made Clear, and Where's My Healing? | Cody Archer with Tal Robin (finally I realized that Cody's sabbatical - eating only from what was planted in previous years - is quite literal! These are the many videos Cody shot with a multitude of guests and still as relevant today as ever.) | Also is the article, Dunamis Power for Everyone by Asher and his oldie but goodie book, From Iraq to Armageddon

Arni and Yonit Klien write about how in all the insanity of the ever darkening world, we have to know how to rest before the LORD in order to hear from Him, not just individually, but as they have been developing, to do the same in a corporate way also. They share a message you can access on Youtube called Foundation Stones. This article Alone With God Together will give you some more food for thought. If you have not explored it, here is their Israel Revealed course website.

The Joseph Project was also heavily involved in humanitarian aid for the flooding victims and are now in need of new supplies to re-fill their warehouses. One shipping container is already on the way and $5,000 funds are needed for another. They also need sponsors to contribute to a 2nd transport vehicle to increase their distribution capacity. It's going to cost them about $70,000, so they need all the help they can get to bring this to pass. With thanks they write, "Please know that every gift and every act of support is meaningful and greatly valued, including those of you who may not give financially but continue to spread the word and pray from afar, and even come to visit us in Israel and serve alongside us in our warehouse!"

The Aliyah Return Center director Chaim Malespin sends the 2020 Kingdom Vision 6th Focus: VIDEO Discipleship in the Land of Discipleship

Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem writes, "Thank you for your prayer covering during IFI's prayer conference and tour. They were heard as we sensed both the leading of the Lord and the unity of the Spirit during the whole time. God is so good!"  The latest issue of Friday Prayer Points 2/7/2020

The Feb 2020 Israel's Restoration Magazine (download pdf) includes: Brazil to Move Embassy to Jerusalem, The International Criminal Court Investigates Israel, 2020 A Year of Prayer and Harvest, Surpassing Love, With all Your Heart, an Undivided Heart.  Also from Tikkun ministries: Trump's Deal of the Century quickly accepted by Israel, rejected by Palestinians | Save Your Children from the Internet | The Trump, Kushner, Gold, Greenblatt, Deal of the Century | Israel's Orthodox Jewish Crisis

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

Please pray for full recovery for Rachel Netanel for food poisoning 3 wks ago that sent her and Gilad to the hospital it was so severe. Gilad has recovered, but Rachel still needs prayer for complete recovery. She also injured her back and continues to suffer from having to overdo it. | Ronit Bender says On Feb 23 I will be meeting a cardiologist regarding an irregular heartbeat. Although we don't look to doctors for healing, the Lord has given to men wisdom for helping people identify ailments and medicines for seasons. Please pray the Lord will give the doctor wisdom so I can continue to minister in the strength that the Lord continues to download into me. PLEASE do not stop praying regarding my health. Thanks!

Please continue to pray for Jacob Damkani, who remains after surgery locked in the place of non-communication. Pray the LORD's mercies over Jacob and his dear wife, Elisheva  | Continue please to pray for Ruth Nessim Critical prayer need she is losing sight! Prayers for a miracle for Ruth.| Olga Bikas has longstanding severe back pain. please keep praying for Olga. Sadly, she is not getting better and recently she has even felt worse for a period of time. Please continue to pray for all the Israeli ministry leaders who contracted influenza - it is a strain that really hangs on | Pray for Rania Sayegh who asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

Remarkable Commentary from New York Times OP-ED Columnist David Brooks!

While this is not about Israeli ministries it is a quite remarkable trend that Israeli ministries have been noting are going on in Israel by several Jews either in the media or academia. This shows that trend jumping the ocean and landing - of all places! - in the New York Times!

David Brooks is an Op-Ed columnist for the NYTimes and he has brilliantly written a truly remarkable commentary, Jesus is a Jew, that is worth taking the time to read. There is so much quotable, but here is only one that spoke loudly:

"The Israel of Jesus, like the Israel of today, was a spiritual and literal battle zone. He was love in the most hostile environment imaginable."

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