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Hope & Human Nature | Arrows from Zion 10/14/2020



Hope & Human Nature
by Donna Diorio

It is human nature to view the shortcomings of others - other individuals, other families, other nations - with a more jaundiced eye than we do with our own selves, our families, our nation. I have long had an antenna up for that as I heard harsh judgments out of Israeli believers against the United States. We know scripture says all nations will come against Israel in the end, so I see why this is easier for them to conclude we are at the unredeemable level as a nation.  

Also I realize, that is just how human beings are, kinder in judgment to our own than to others. It really takes a lot to get to a place spiritually where our default to the human condition doesn't kick in as we consider our own versus the others. We know in our heads that none of us deserve all of God's goodness, but sometimes we don't have the heart of God in the matter. When we are looking at what we think other nations deserve of God's goodness, it is much easier to see our own nation deserving more time of grace.

That is why Heart of G-d ministries, Carolyn Hyde's email today was so startling to read. Of course, the Lord spoke to her His own evaluation, which says a lot about Carolyn, because she is a mom and mom's don't like hearing negative things about their children — even from God I imagine. So I have to admit I stand with great admiration of Carolyn, knowing how intensely she is fighting for the life of her daughter, but God trusted her so much that He could be perfectly honest with her about how her daughter was hanging in the balance.  

Our nations are like our families. We all look for God's goodness for our nations - including Israelis. We know from scripture that God is going to arise for Israel as He promised, and also that all the governments of all the nations will rise up against Israel even though there is a believing Remnant in the nation at the same time. What we do not see is how many souls in Israel will be lost before that time is upon us, or how many now unsaved people in the nations will come to faith first either. This applies to the USA and all other nations: we do not know how many years, months or weeks we have left as free in the nations (or alive in a beastlike nation), or how many of our fellow countrymen will enter into relationship with the Father of Eternity before eternity comes for us in the face of Yeshua. 

What we do have is hope in God's longsuffering with us, so we standing praying, like Carolyn, a mother praying for her child whose life hangs in the balance. Who would tell a mother like her to forget about it, it is too late? Let's not do that to each other towards our nations either because we are waiting in hope as mothers and fathers there too. “Shall not the judge of all the earth deal justly?” (Genesis 18:25).

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

On Sept 26th we received the first alert on Facebook from Carolyn Hyde that their daughter who suffers juvenile diabetes was fighting for her life. Deborah Hyde is still fighting for her life and the Hyde's have been on an emotional roller coaster as Deborah shows signs of improvement, then plunges again into deep jeopardy. Carolyn tells the full story (as of yesterday, 10/13), how the Lord spoke to her on 9/26 that "our daughter Deborah didn’t have much time left if she continued on her current path." She carried that word from the Lord in prayer as she watched The Return repentance & prayer event in D.C. that day and as the Shabbat ended the Lord spoke to her again to go right away to the town and place where they heard their daughter was currently at. When Carolyn arrived, she found her daughter in a diabetic coma near death. Following the ambulance to the hospital, it stopped, the driver jumped out and into the back of the ambulance in a frantic attempt to restart her daughter breathing. She remained in ICU for 12 days, mostly in a coma; her kidneys stopped working, she was put on dialysis, later her kidneys began to function again. She started showing signs of awakening, and did, then she went blind and the next day her heart stopped and she had to have a pacemaker.

The Lord continued to speak to Carolyn about her daughter, as in a dream He showed her of Deborah's "life
in three packages that resembled trash from the outside, while inside were valuable treasures." Carolyn writes, " this dream reminded me how often we initially perceive people who have mental illness as somehow inferior. And yet these same people are really treasures hidden in darkness. Deborah is one of these treasures. Many of her friends in Tsfat recognize her value. Though many of them are broken themselves, they have poured out compassion in tangible ways; bringing food, visiting, showing concern, offering to pray." 

I have tried to share as much as I can of Carolyn's letter as possible (although there is much more) because I believe it is a real testimony how God trusted Carolyn to speak the hard truth to her even about her own child. Also it is a testimony that challenges us to, as Carolyn writes, to have "the heart of G-d that, even while masked, distanced and in pain, we can enter into relationships where broken hearts are exposed and vulnerable. And as followers of Yeshua we know that He is the only One who can gather those broken pieces and make our hearts whole again." Please continue to pray for Deborah's healing in all ways, for the entire Hyde family, Richard, Carolyn and all their children and families.

We have updates from the Abramov's of Awake Israel Ministries on Christian Arab pastor Victor Bahbah. His family members except on daughter who still tests positive for the Covid virus, have all healed, but pastor Victor remains in an induced coma, ventilated. Please pray for restoration of his lungs and complete healing from Covid in the name of Yeshua.  

Dov Bikas sends a welcome word of a successful surgery for his wife Olga, who even still in pain from the back surgery is already delighted to be able to do things that she has not been able to do in 4 years. Olga is not able to tolerate the strong painkillers, so she must ender the post-surgery pain without that help. Please pray for God to manage her pain and to bring Olga to a quick post-surgery recovery. They thank you for all the prayers! 

Returning to the rest of the ministry letter from Christian Arab pastors in Haifa, Najib & Elizabeth Atteih, the send news of the father and son they have written about in the past - the son, just a child has been losing his battle with cancer. Pray for him, Zuher, father Osta, and their family. On the Christian soldier's home, they have a great report of an Arab christian who lived under house arrest with them last year, finally released from 9 months jail time (when he ran into trouble in his village for serving in the IDF). The young man is happy, grateful and looking forward to his life following Jesus.  They also share that they continue to minister to refugees via Zoom & WhatsApp providing a spiritual lifeline to many whose burdens are great with overwhelming difficulites, and persecution. They are seeking specific financial assistance to help with education costs for some of the children whose families are refugees in Jordan. In Lebanon, they have been able to help some of the believers after the terrible blast with donated funds. The Immanuel ministries are Immanuel Church, Refugees, Christian Soldiers, Beit Lahmo, Lebanon, Armenia, Osta & Zuher, Pastor Najeeb & Elizabeth and family. They appreciate your prayers and financial donations.

From Tikkun Global (10/7) Ron Cantor has returned to Israel and experiencing the Israeli lockdown. He writes, "And let’s be in prayer for all the nations of the world, many of whom are experiencing protest and turmoil in the midst of this virus." Cantor's new book, Birth Pangs is yours for any donation of $30 to Tikkun - as soon as it come out you will receive it. He also includes and article he wrote, Columbia University students vote to urge school to adopt BDS. Here also is an article from Dan Juster, Black Lives Matters Demands 

Here is a story in the Maoz Report, "Shmuel was delivering top-secret documents all over the world for the Israeli government when a harrowing day changed his life forever. He left his high-paying job in New York to move back to Israel and dedicated his life to ministry." Shmuel is with Lech Lecha, an intensive 3-month discipleship program the Shmuel is now with helping young adults in Israel. Follow the link to read more and to hear also from Shani Ferguson why they are so committed to helping this program.  

From the Maoz prayer letter, Kobi, Shani & family are off to the USA in a matter of weeks & have a few remaining dates open in places between Texas and Georgia. They also cover the fires across Israel, the rainfall that is expected ("While the Jordan River itself could use the fresh supply, it is the ever-drying Dead Sea that could benefit the most from the influx of water. As God’s favor and Israel’s water supply often went hand-in- hand in the Bible, restoring the Dead Sea to its former glory would be a statement in both a natural and a spiritual sense.") and concerning flash floods in the Negev desert (If you look at a topical map of Israel there is a (very low) mountain range, of sorts, that divides Israel’s western and eastern deserts. Whatever rains fall on the eastern side, will eventually roll into the Dead Sea, which is great. Whatever rains fall on the western side will roll off into the Mediterranean, which is a huge waste. ...Only a skilled caretaker can help transform desert lands into gardens." Here's some good news: this week they posted the weekly prayer letter on their Facebook page where you can read it in full.  

From Kehila News Israel here are 3 of the dozens of articles you can find there this week:  There Really is a Firmament by Howard Bass (excellent!) | Encouraging update from the Ebenezer Senior Citizen Home in Haifa (the Messianic  Seniors facility) | and if you didn't catch it the first time, my article We Return: The Remnant in America Repents & Seeks God in Two Simultaneous Prayer Events in Washington, D.C. 

Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem sends the Friday Prayer Points   10/9/2020. One prayer point is:  Security – Turkey: With its egomaniac President Erdogan, Turkey is now as great a danger to Israel as Iran. Turkey has military tentacles in Syria, Libya, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and in the Azerbaijan vs. Armenia conflict. It works with Russia, although it is a NATO member nation, and works with Iran, although it is a Sunni nation and Iran is Shi'ite. And Erdogan has just proclaimed that Jerusalem belongs to Turkey. 

Cody and Liat Archer, who have been on a sabbatical for the past year seeking for what God wants from them next, have transitioned from Revive Israel in Jerusalem to Fields of Wheat in the Golan Heights, both Tikkun ministries. Cody has written a quite transparent, vulnerable letter explaining the situation that led them into the sabbatical and how they, especially Cody, experienced the 12 months since it began. It was touching to me and I look forward to reading the redemptive side of the story which he will share next. God bless you for the courage to be so transparent, Cody! You can support them in their new ministry work, Fields of Wheat via USA / International Online giving | Canada Online giving

Norma Sarvis in Jerusalem has a new blog post: Look What's Chasing You 

Revive Israel, began as the personal ministry of Asher Intrater and has now transitioned into being the media voice for the Tikkun Global ministries.  As such, here is the October Revive Team Update. Also I highly recommend this conference Zoom meeting Prayer Needed for Armenia between Asher Intrater, Hany Boghossian, Bedros Nassanian, Michael Niebur and Craig Simonian, to discuss everything from the historic and geopolitical background, to family stories, the spiritual significance and prophetic destiny, and how to pray for this unique nation and people, in this critical hour of conflict. | Here also in another Zoom conference that has been blessing many, Global Broadcast Dwelling Place The Sound of Desire | Replay the Oct 8 Zoom "Dwelling Place"

Tents of Mercy' Avi and Hannah Tekel send greetings at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles and joyous Simchat Torah. They write about sitting in their sukkah as the typical strong  winds called “chamseens” that come up from the desert in spring and fall. " During Sukkoth we can’t help but think of our human frailty as we look upon the temporary booths we have erected to commemorate our ancestors 40 year trek through the desert on their way to the Promised Land" and of " Yeshua who was God’s human presence on Earth ~ a temporary tabernacle ~ “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” John 1:14.... therein lies the beautiful connection between the Feast of Tabernacles and Simchat Torah. 

Gil Afriat of Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv writes that they are looking forward to the easing of restrictions in Israel's 2nd national lockdown. He write that that: "Covid-19 is taking a serious toll on the ultra-orthodox communities. Largely cut off from media and internet, the ultra-orthodox society exists in a bubble where the vast majority of boys and young men spend all their time in religious schools (yeshivot) under the watchful eyes of their religious leaders. Now with the quarantine, rabbis are worried that these "yeshiva boys" stuck at home with possible access to the internet will be exposed to information outside what the rabbis allow. Ministries in Israel who have robust online outreach in Hebrew are reporting that disillusioned ultra-orthodox are reaching out to them. God could be using this covid crisis to create a breach in the formidable rabbinic fortress surrounding the ultra-orthodox society: we are believing for a harvest from the ultra-orthodox community!" Hallelujah!

The Tel Aviv congregation is also turning its teams to minister to the urgent mental health needs that needs that have sprung up in this 2nd national lock down. they are reaching to help "several challenging situations with individuals dealing with serious mental health issues." On that front, their assoc pastor Moti Cohen is on the frontlines every week with their Feed Tel Aviv street outreach. Moti has suffered a knee injury and need prayers (See below in the Urgent Healing Needs section). 

 Guy Cohen of the Harvest of Asher congregation in Akko asks prayers for the people of Israel: "We are experiencing demonstrations and division as never before. Pray for the wisdom of government officials and leadership in all areas of society as we are entering into deeper crisis; politically, financially and on all levels." 

Tikkun ministers, Restoration from Zion letter from Dr. Daniel & Patty Juster and son, Ben & Lorena Juster finds Ben & Lorena returned to the Jacksonville, Florida area as Ben takes the leadership of Tikkun America ministries. From mom, Patty Juster, a good word of encouragement despite, "Never before in all of my 70 plus years have I experienced such spiritual warfare. My spirit is warring day and night as the battle intensifies. This battle is over the establishment of God’s truth on earth as it is in heaven."  She writes the times are like Isaiah 59:12-16...and "The nations are in a rage and are seeking to throw off all restraint. The man of Anti-christ is pounding on the door ready to release a full array of lawlessness and deception. One great aspect of the war which people miss is the place of Israel and the new peace treaties with Arab nations. In addition, policies concerning Jerusalem and the covenant promises to Israel for the Land. There are those who would fight to turn back the clock on the progress recently made." There is much more, including how much is at stake in the upcoming US elections. As she writes,

" Several large gatherings of 100,000’s have been hosted in different parts of the world—two in Washington, DC recently—to repent, worship and to humble themselves as spoken of in II Chronicles 7:14: if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. It can no longer be said that there is no one to stand in the gap as multitudes have responded."

Dan Juster's part of the letter shares how he and Patty are planning a less than 3-month trip to the USA soon. They will be visiting the Tikkun affiliated congregations, "but are not able to visit supporting churches due to ongoing limitations of the coronavirus. We are very pleased that you continue your strong support." If you would like to support this excellent ministry, consider becoming covenant partners with Restoration form Zion

Last but not least, a highly entertaining but also serious word from David's Tent ministries, Avner Boskey in Beer Sheva. You can read it in full online, but it starts out like this: The earth is polluted by its inhabitants | In 1966 Randy Wolfe, a fifteen year old Jewish kid and brilliant guitar player, stepped into Manny’s Music on West 48th in Midtown Manhattan. There he bumped into a guitarist by the name of Jimmy James (‘and his Blue Flames’). Jimmy (who soon changed his own name to Jimi Hendrix) invited Randy down to the CafĂ© Wha? in Greenwich Village to jam. Jimi drafted Randy into the band for a three month stint, giving him the stage name ‘Randy California.’ Randy later formed the rock group ‘Spirit’ and wrote the powerful “It’s Nature’s Way,” a song speaking of upcoming dangers facing mankind. The opening words of the hit song were, “It’s Nature’s way of telling you something’s wrong; It’s Nature’s way of telling you in a song.”

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

NEW: Moti Cohen of Tiferet Yeshua congregation injured his knee and experiencing serious pain. Steroids and pain killers prescribed caused him unpleasant side-effects, so he quit using them. Moti regularly serving the poor and needy and preaching the gospel on the front lines in Tel Aviv and needs prayer covering for healing | Hadassah Nisim Lerner had surgery for a cancerous tumor caught early. She wrote on Facebook: Prayers are being answered. The doctor got all the cancer. Waiting to hear about the Lymph node he took out. Continued prayers appreciated. Pain management. Sleep. Healing. The Peace that passes understanding hasn’t ceased! | Urgent Prayer for Carolyn and Richard Hyde's daughter Deborah Hyde's heart went into a rapid irregular rate that is life threatening. The doctors tried everything, including shocking her heart 7 times. But her heart rate was still fast, abnormal and stopping! So she received a pacemaker now, but if she doesn’t come out of this, the doctors said there’s nothing more they can do. But we know the One who is more than able to save and heal. | Christian Arab Pastor Victor Bahbah who is now in a medically induced coma in treatment for Coronavirus! His life hangs in the balance, please pray | Olga Bikas had a successful back surgery and even though she still has pain from the surgery, she can already tell there is improvement. Continue to pray for her rehabilitation & recovery | Also Aleksey Raikhstadt's special needs son tested positive Covid and the whole family is now in extreme quarantine | A prayer request for Naomi, for a dear family that is a part of Israel Pochtar's pastoral team, who was diagnosed recently with colon cancer. "Despite what this battle entails, we are confident in God’s unfailing Word and promises." Read in her own words| Ronit Bender whose cardiologist told her that her irregular heartbeat is SEVERE | Please continue to pray for Jacob Damkani for the LORD's mercies over Jacob and his dear wife, Elisheva 

I do appreciate your donations which supply our needs in gathering and distributing the news and prayer needs of Israeli ministries.

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Tabernacles 2020 | Arrows from Zion 10/7/2020


Sukkot 2020 Feast of Tabernacles
by Donna Diorio 

2020 has been a year like none in memory, as the world has been shut down because of virus released from Wuhan, China. Even after all these months there is still not definitive answers as to the 'Who, What, Why, Where, How and How Much' questions it has raised. All we really know for certain is that it has up-ended our lives. Our holidays, births, sicknesses, deaths - everything has taken a back seat to the terrible fear and dread felt around the world over this virus which may or may not live up to all the 'black plague' hype.

The High Holy Days are no different. Israel has been in a complete lockdown apparently because the government felt they could not control the religious any other way; their non-compliance would be too great and put too many lives in jeopardy. So the whole of Israel has been put in lockdown throughout the holidays. We are now in the midst of the Sukkot, Feast of Tabernacles, which is from Friday to Friday Oct 2-9. Usually Sukkot is a time when believers come together to share dinner with family and friends in the temporary dwellings. This year not so. Sukkot is being held like everything else this year, with Zoom meetings, or just immediate family members, not even extended family members.

That is making a very different atmosphere as we search for what God is saying to us in all the things this year. That is why the picture (above) I chose this week is not of a traditional sukkah, but it is a piece of property where the Aliyah Return Center is building a beautiful amphitheater and area for worship, prayer, meetings, and every other opportunity God gives us in this beautiful place.  

It is a place where people from the nations can gather in Prayer Valley united with Israel. This unity that Yeshua has been held in Heaven to see forming before His return. ["Heaven must receive Him until the time comes for God to restore everything, as He promised long ago through his holy prophets." Acts 3:21]

You probably know that Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles, is ultimately about Yeshua making His home in us. When the children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness, the glory of God dwelt among them in the moveable tent called the Tabernacle. This, of course was the symbolism pointing to the time when, as John writes in John 1:14, "
John 1:14: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” Even more power than that though, is the truth that after Yeshua laid down His life as a living sacrifice, rising again and ascending into Heaven, His Holy Spirit came to dwell WITHIN us. We are the tabernacle of the glory of God.

If anything this year, and this particular, unusual Feast of Tabernacles speaks to me is how easy it is to think this life we live is just going to continue for generation after generation as it has in the past, but that is not the truth. For the time is coming that this temporary home and life we live will be full of stressful events like this past year, and even more so, to the point it is called "gross darkness" covering the world. That is the time, says Isaiah 60:2 when "the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon you, and His glory shall be seen upon you." If this Sukkot is more sobering than festive, at least with joy we can look forward to which what God has predetermined for us: "For whom He foreknew, He also predetermined to be conformed to the likeness of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren." Romans 8:29

However we may feel about how far we are from being that likeness of Yeshua, in the days of stress and darkness ahead we must encourage one another forward, even as Isaiah is calling out to through time saying, "Arise, shine; for your light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you." It is time to shine in His glory and light up the darkness so others may find their way to Him.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

2020 has forced most of us to reassess, reorganize and restructure how we were doing things. Each week I see that truth expressed in the ministry letters of the Israeli ministries. Despite the hardship that has been caused in all our lives because of this world-stopping virus, many improvements have been made to our approaches of how we do things when we are closed in by limitations. In that vein, I received a ministry letter from Ron Cantor this week as the CEO and major spokesman for the Tikkun and Revive Israel group of ministries.  

Cantor writes that as they have recently restructured the Tikkun Global Family of networked Messianic ministries, so now they are in the process of restructuring Revive Israel as the leading voice of the Tikkun family ministries. Revive began in Jerusalem 15 years ago as Asher Intrater's ministry, but going forward Revive will act as the media voice for the whole of Tikkun-connected ministries with emphasis on global media efforts. The local Revive team will still do local evangelism and discipleship, congregation planting & oversight, aid and employment help to needy Messianic believers, as well as their Hebrew-speaking outreaches online. What's new is the centralization of Revive to give Tikkun ministries a voice globally. They expect the roll out of this focus to be seen more and more over the next six months. Tomorrow: Global Broadcast 10/8 at 3pm Jerusalem time: The Sound of Desire on Revive Facebook page

In conjunction with that, here are ministry and teaching articles from Tikkun ministers: Jewish Ministry: Why all Should Care by Dan Juster, Restoration from Zion | Revive Israel presents a New Platform for Discipleship and Evangelism to Israelis in its 40 Days of Fire | Leon Mazin, Return to Zion writes Speak to the Children of Israel | Dan Juster on Mutual Blessing | Hannah Tekle, Tents of Mercy: Whose Plan are We Following Anyway? | Guy Cohen, Harvest of Asher: How will we conquer? and Raphael Almeida, a Revive worship minister: Offer Myself as a Living Sacrifice?!    

Kehila News Israel also has been able to stretch its wings during the Covid crisis, as it announced at the beginning of September a long awaited fulfillment of a vision for expansion with the launch of  "sister websites" called ALL ISRAEL NEWS and ALL ARAB NEWS. They have accomplished this with the help of Joel Rosenberg who writes about the news sites here All Israel and here All Arab. If you have been following Israeli news from their newspapers, etc., you know that you cannot always depend on the viewpoints expressed in the secular or even religious news media outlets because they do not share our God-defined world views. That is why these new sites are valuable to people who KNOW they need someone in the know to guide them to the best sources of news information regarding the Middle East. Now, those of you who know me, I believe the #1 best source of information from Israel is always going to come out of the ministries and congregations of the Israeli believers! That's why Kehila News Israel is my MVP favorite.  

Some of the articles you can find on Kehila News: Tuvia Pollack: Remembering Bob Knight - A man who exemplified sacrificial love in life and death | by Tuvia Pollack | Hope for recovery - Messianic ministry runs support group for men struggling with addiction to pornography | One for Israel staff: The Biblical Feasts Of Israel All Point To Jesus | Tuvia Pollack: Messianic youth ministry goes online with biblical teachings around Israel 

Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel & Voice of Judah sends Yeshua, Our Eternal Tabernacle | Acts of Mercy during Covid: What is Done with Love is Done Well. Can you help? | Spread Over Us Your Tabernacle of Peace, a VIDEO message from Pastor Israel.  You can also get their prayer requests online here.  

From Maoz Ministries with Shani Ferguson writing How Gentiles Saved the World and also their weekly prayer points including a really good spiritual pep talk - at least for someone like myself: "High-pressure situations can bring out the best in us, and others the worst. I’m sure you can think of a moment in your life where something went wrong and almost without thinking, you stepped in and fixed it. Things weren’t going right and you were there to “save the day.” You can probably also think of a situation where something went wrong and it caught you off guard—and unfortunately, without thinking, you reacted poorly. While you and I can spend months, if not years, regretting that moment, the book of Jacob (James) tells us that all these situations can be good for bringing us closer to being like Him: “You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don't try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get his help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it.”   

In other prayer points covered is the rise of Neo-Nazis in Europe, a troubling rise that has been happening over several years (unlike the fake reports of rising white supremacy in the US). There are prayer points on their upcoming travel to the US in light of the ongoing Covid crisis and their efforts to build up the Fellowship of Artists, raising the Messianic Levites in Israel. To get the full prayer points, sign up at

The Living Room is the name of a new Shelanu TV testimony program that has just begun shooting, Ron Cantor writes from Shelanu TV. Their social media evangelist support team member, Michael reports that a lot of people are contacting them via Facebook. This is a wonderful platform for outreach to Israelis and it has been developed for the benefit of the whole body of believers in Israel. Great to Support Shelanu TV

Ron Cantor also sends this news prespective VIDEO & ARTICLE  In speech to UN, Netanyahu provides the address of alleged Hezbollah arms depots and a special gift for you If you buy the print version of Birth Pangs, I will send you a free eBook and two messages I preached about the book. He writes, "I truly believe that Birth Pangs is a NOW word to equip you for the days that lie ahead" and will " help you make sense of it all and give you the faith and vision to move forward as we prepare for the coming of Yeshua." 

One of many important prayer points that Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem in Friday Prayer Points   10/2/20 is the troubling alliance between "Sunni Turkey and Shi'ite Iran" - it is their mutual extreme hatred of Israel that makes it possible.  

Chaim Malespin,  Director of Operations at the Aliyah Return Center says you can still watch the Aliyah Return Center's Sukkot Feast of Tabernacles which they streamed live on their YouTube channel

Pastor Najeeb & Elisabeth Atteih of the Haifa Immanuel Church & Outreaches  and Refugee Ministries writes about how they are "encouraging believers from all over through our zoom meetings to remain in the Lord and to trust that the Lord is in control and holds all things in his hands." With so many people slipping into depression and despair, an encouraging word is so needed so we can lift our eyes toward Heaven from whence comes our help. They are keeping in contact via Zoom meetings which has also helped them to reach far beyond their local congregation and into the places they have been doing outreach among the refugees and even in Armenia. With the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Atteih's offer a background to the conflict that has been going on for a really long time. With family roots in Armenia, they are attentive to the cries they are hearing from their contacts in the region. One newspaper report I read noted, "... this conflict is distinct, analysts and former diplomats say, for the more direct support that Turkey has offered to Azerbaijan and for the scale of the fighting." That should tell you all you need to know about that! This is a long ministry letter, which I will have to break down over a couple or even 3 weeks.

Avi Tekle of Tents of Mercy in the Haifa region writes about how it is possible to be joyful even in a season where we are in lock down and unable to gather with our extended family and friends. Also they report great success in wiping out their storage shelves of food and provisions they were able to bless needy people with for the holidays. Now! Can you help restock the shelves so they are able to keep the blessings going? If so Give here. They are doing their services online which means if you would like to join in for Shabbat services, you can!

Norma Sarvis in Jerusalem announces a new blog you can subscribe to in order to read her every 7-10 days: From this Mountain

Tiferet Yeshua sends an article with a truly A Powerful Holy Spirit Moment from Moti Cohen who is the associate pastor who runs the Feed Tel Aviv street outreach. This is a must read - it will show you how ripe the harvest field in Israel really is. To Help feed Tel Aviv donate here. They also have two articles to spiritually enrich: Crown of the Hebrew Calendar, Prophetic Promise for the Age to Come and John 7 and an Ancient Sukkot Tradition 

The Aviv Ministry also does outreach to addicts in Tel Aviv, Dov Bikas has a huge heart for these wounded people. One major important prayer request: Olga is undergoing back surgery Thursday (10/8). She has been on my Urgent Health Needs list for years but now is having a major surgery that carries only a 70% chance of complete healing. Pray for Olga because the pain is so intense and so debilitating - pray for 100% successful healing and rapid recovery.

Of course the work goes on at their Beer Sheva men's rehab with 13 men currently, and at the women's shelter they are caring for 3 current residents, plus the ministry in the streets of Tel Aviv. Dov reports that " The outreach in Tel Aviv continues despite the new lockdown. The police let our volunteers pass from their cities to south Tel Aviv without any hassle. Please keep praying for the street people, as well as for those who decide to leave the streets and start rehabilitation. Thank you for all your prayers and support!"

Howard Bass sounds upbeat despite the restrictions of coronavirus, but he says his highest concern in respect to the virus is the impact in the senior living homes where seniors are so cut off from contact with others that it is creating excessive loneliness and despair. They have lost one of their seniors who was in her 80's who died last month as isolation took its toll. As for connecting with others in their congregation, they have been able to host small gatherings just before the latest restrictions went into effect - meeting with teens, the music teams, young adults, a send-off of a sister who went to Togo as part of a Bible-translating ministry. We also met with teens at the congregation's property with the teens, and gave our testimony, focusing on the necessity to make a definite decision to choose to follow Jesus/Yeshua. Now they are making some renovations on the property while no gatherings are allowed. To read Howard's writings, see the on the newly designed Streams in the Negev site, or at Kehila News 

Arni Klein writes about how covid has shut down everything and created a lot of chaos, questions and distrust as it has rocked our world. He writes, "This year, at every single one of God’s appointed Feasts, precisely when He commands us to gather, the government of Israel has forbidden it." How's that for an interesting point to consider!? "Something has happened we need to not miss. Succoth in particular is about coming together beyond our family units. It’s the one great Feast that in the Millennium all the nations are commanded to observe in the Land.... We do not wonder if God is speaking. The fact is that for whatever reason, by whatever means, by whose ever hand, at the time of this great Feast God’s prophetic people are diametrically opposed to His word and will. He is shaking Israel and warning the Church."

Arni continues, "Many [in the church] have long understood that Israel is at the center of God’s heart and plan. Yet from what we have observed over the last twenty years, relatively few of us have gone so far as to incorporate this foundational reality into our personal or corporate lives. According to Romans 11:15 and Matthew 23:35, it is clear that an awakening in Israel will affect the whole world. Let’s imagine. If we knew where there was buried treasure, who would not buy a shovel? .... Given the centrality of Israel, which is second only to the centrality of Yeshua, could it be that somewhere in the root of this crisis is the attitude towards Israel? A house cannot be established on an improperly laid foundation. If this matter is not set right, all that has been built will be shaken to the ground.... Let us pray that the gates of Israel will be opened so that all the nations can come to worship Him, that a place would be prepared for the King of Glory to come in (see Ps.24:7). It was for good reason that King David was so intent on finding God a dwelling place in the Land where He placed His Name. When He is enthroned in Zion, His glory will go out to all the nations. It’s not so complicated."

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

Urgent Prayer for Christian Arab Pastor Victor Bahbah who is now in a medically induced coma in treatment for Coronavirus! His life hangs in the balance, please pray | Olga Bikas undergoes back surgery Thursday 10/8 to "to fix both major problems with her spine in one operation, but he estimates that in Olga’s complicated case the success rate is not higher than 70%. Still, we have decided to proceed with the surgery, since Olga has been suffering from even more intensive backaches recently, and had to take strong painkillers on a regular basis. Please pray for the success of the operation and that it would finally ease Olga’s sufferings." | Latest word from Carolyn and Richard Hyde, whose daughter Deborah Hyde was found unconscious with a super blood sugar spike from her juvenile diabetes. Carolyn writes, "First signs of life - Deborah is off the respirator and off dialysis, her kidneys have started to work again! Deborah was trying to speak today but it was hard to understand her after being intubated for so long. Please pray that her lungs will clear up. Oh how we bless and thank you dear ones!"  See Carolyn's video update on Facebook. | Also Aleksey Raikhstadt's special needs son tested positive Covid and the whole family is now in extreme quarantine | A prayer request for Naomi, for a dear family that is a part of Israel Pochtar's pastoral team, who was diagnosed recently with colon cancer. "Despite what this battle entails, we are confident in God’s unfailing Word and promises." Read in her own words| Ronit Bender whose cardiologist told her that her irregular heartbeat is SEVERE, and is suggesting further tests. Please intercede for Ronit: No weapon formed against her shall prosper! | | Please continue to pray for Jacob Damkani for the LORD's mercies over Jacob and his dear wife, Elisheva 

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