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The Temple is Being Built!!

By Moshe Morrison, Tents of Mercy Congregation in Kiryat Yam, Israel

2007: Yes, it’s true. The Temple of God is under construction even as you read this article. Prophecy regarding this is being fulfilled every moment that passes by. However, I’m not speaking of the third Jewish temple made of mortar and stone that some believe will soon be rebuilt upon Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. The truth of the matter is that that temple may or may not be rebuilt before Yeshua returns to Jerusalem. Though there are some who insist that it must be, there are ample numbers of God-fearing, Spirit-filled, students of the Scriptures holding to widely different views of the end-times. This should give us pause if we think that “our” position is the only option. To assume that one has figured out how it’s all going to play out in the end hinders the ability to see and participate in what the Spirit of God wants to do. Mature faith recognizes the differences between the speculations of eschatology and the fundamental principles regarding the nature and work of the Messiah which are clearly stated in the Bible.

The temple construction of which I speak belongs to the second category and is the one described in 1 Peter 2: 4-6, “And coming to Him as to a living Stone, rejected by men, but choice and precious in the sight of God, you also as living stones are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Messiah Yeshua. For this is contained in Scripture: ‘Behold I lay in Zion a choice Stone, a precious Cornerstone, and he who believes in Him shall not be disappointed.’” If the majority of the body of believers would get as excited about that temple being built as some do about the physical one, we would see a greater manifestation and advancement of the purposes of God on the earth in these days.

There are Christians who are caught up in expecting a physical temple to be built so that the anti-Christ can show up there and then they can be caught up in the “rapture” while the Jewish people get stuck here with a useless temple and a great tribulation. The tragedy in this is that some of them are willing to give thousands of dollars to fringe Orthodox Jewish groups who are making all kinds of preparations to reestablish the priesthood, sacrificial system and rebuild the temple. (Incidentally, it is by no means a majority of religious Jews who are actively working to build that temple. Though the traditional liturgy contains unequivocal prayer for the restoration of the temple and its services, most observant Jews are content to pray for it and leave it in God’s hands. Opinions on how it might come about are as widely varied in the Jewish community as they are in the Christian community.)

The great irony is that many of those Orthodox Jews who are the most involved in the move to rebuild the temple despise us Messianic Jews. One very prominent leader in this physical temple restoration movement told a Messianic Jewish friend of mine how much he hates us and that we are traitors and worse than Nazis because our faith in Yeshua. However, this should come as no surprise since Peter points out that the very foundation upon which we are being built was rejected by the leaders of our people. “The stone which the builders rejected, this became the very cornerstone,.” and “a stone of stumbling and a rock of offense.” (1 Peter 2:7,8 quoting from Psalm 118:22 and Isaiah 8:14) Accordingly, it is especially the temple that is made up of Messianic Jewish living stones in the land of Israel that is far more significant in the eyes of God than the temple made of stone and mortar which our unbelieving brethren wish to rebuild. One of the most important signs of the end times is not a physical building project, but a growing Messianic Jewish presence in the land of Israel which has not been seen for nearly two millenia. This is what believers ought to be watching for and praying for and supporting with their resources.

The first and second temples in Jerusalem served their purposes in providing a place for Israel to receive atonement and also as a place for intercession on behalf of the nations. However, Yeshua changed that sacrificial system by the sacrifice of Himself nearly 2000 years ago. If a third temple now only serves as a platform for the anti-Christ to unveil his program, I would think that true believers would have a greater stake in the true Messiah unveiling His program in the spiritual temple that He is building. The salvation of Israel is near and dear to the heart of God. It should also be near and dear to the hearts of his followers. The fact that there are all sorts of temple preparations being made by various groups should not unduly occupy the hearts and minds of followers of Yeshua. Red heifers, priestly garments, and setting a symbolic cornerstone mean nothing compared to the setting into the walls of living stones more Jewish believers in Messiah Yeshua. As the living temple of believers grows within the household of Israel it will have a greater impact on outreach to the rest of the nations of the world than anything we have seen since the first century (Romans 11:15).

One brother in the United States who has been teaching prophecy for many years told me that people tend to call him when they hear rumors about what is happening in Israel. They figure that he can confirm whether or not what they’ve heard is true and whether it is a sign of the imminent return of Yeshua. He said that some one called him because they heard that all the stones for the temple had been cut and numbered and each one was hidden in a different K-Mart department store all across America, waiting for the right time when they would be rapidly brought out and shipped to Jerusalem and quickly assembled. He graciously informed the caller that his information was incorrect. Though somewhat humorous, it is sadly just one of many wild stories that find wide and willing circulation because of a wrong emphasis in large segments of the body of Messiah.

If it is the will of the Lord that the physical temple of God be built in Jerusalem to facilitate the outworking of His plans in the last days, it shall be done. In fact, there is no other way that it could possibly be accomplished. The Islamic authorities that control the temple mount as well as Muslim leaders around the world have clearly stated that any action that would compromise the Islamic presence and authority there would result in a major war. Even if the Dome of the Rock mosque collapsed due to an earthquake, Israel would be blamed for it. In spite of all that, if God wants it, it would be built. However, we’ll only know for sure once it has happened. However, there is no question about the living temple. It is happening now!

Make no mistake by thinking that because it is a “spiritual” house it is less tangible than one made of stone. For the stones in the temple being built here are living, flesh and blood Jews dwelling in very real communities in the same Land that God gave to our forefathers and to us. As we move forward in the year 2007, let us pray that the world will be able to see a manifestation of the presence of God in this temple like they have never seen before. Not only with Jewish stones in Israel, but also among the nations. It is God’s desire now for the true holy priesthood to offer up spiritual sacrifices in this temple built by the Spirit on the cornerstone of Messiah Yeshua. ?

At the time of this writing Moshe Morrison was the Associate Leader in Ohalei Rachamim, or Tents of Mercy congregation in Kiryat Yam. Now he is a beloved elder and a Tikkun Ministries associate.

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Arrows from Zion 12/19/2018

Priority Prayer Focus

Voice of Judah's Israel Pochtar posted this early morning photo taken on Yafo Street in Jerusalem. Later in the day this road will be filled with all sorts of Israelis who need the Lord. They are the ones God is calling to become Living Stones in His Temple in Israel. Do we have a heart for the real spiritual work God is doing in Israel, or just for a 3rd stone temple?

Continuing the theme last week about Temple Fascinated Believers, this article I wrote fourteen years ago:

Temple Mount Faithful
or temple mount Faithful?

August 2004: Recently I stood by listening as someone asked an Israeli Messianic leader about the Temple Mount Faithful. It was obvious that the person had expected an approving response to that group's recent latest attempt to place the cornerstone of the third temple in Jerusalem. The questioner was truly surprised when the Messianic rabbi responded with immediate displeasure upon hearing that name, "I usually try not to comment on Israel's religious groups, but that group!"

The Israeli leader went on to explain how the Temple Mount Faithful-a religious group that enjoys wide support among Christians — and even some Messianic Jews living outside of Israel — continually place their religious zealotry to rebuild a physical third temple above all else, including the national security of Israel and all her citizens.

To tell you the truth I couldn't tell you exactly what the rabbi responded to this man's question after that because I was too busy reeling that such a question would asked by someone who serves in a Messianic congregation.

How is it that in all our efforts to present an authentic Messianic Judaism and to reconnect Christians through teaching to the Judaic roots of their faith, that we are failing to educate on such critical subjects as this? At this late hour is it still something we consider too hot to handle? Too controversial to rock the boat of Christian support of Israel?

I doubt that there are many Messianic Jewish believers in Israel cheering on the efforts of groups like the Temple Mount Faithful as many Christians are.  No one wants to dissuade Christian support of Israel, but Christian support of Israel should be extended to the body of Messiah, not to the unbelieving religious groups who persecute them! Our support shouldn't be extended to the religious zealots who threaten Israel's very national security, therefore every citizen in the Land. This ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.

It is amazing that most Christians who support these types of religious groups in Israel are clueless of the danger they pose to the nation and to the true household of faith in Israel. What is really amazing is that there is so little done to educate Christians in these matters.

Why is that? From the perspective of the body in Israel, I understand they are bearing the burden upon themselves in order not to dissuade Christian support of Israel and likely, in order not to bring an avalanche of backlash persecution for being the ones to blow the whistle on this. And why should they be forced to be the ones to whistle blow? Are they in this alone, or are we in it with them?

It may not be the time to press into the Church being able to discern between the builders of the spiritual temple of God and the natural temple of religious Judaism. I don't really believe that, but so many keep silent, I say this so as not to exclude the possibility that there is a timing that I'm just not being sensitive enough to.

So much of Christianity that recognizes the need of the Church to support Israel is focused on the rebuilding of a physical temple. They see it as the necessity of prophetic fulfillment for Christ to return in His Second Coming. Too bad they don't understand that it is a spiritual temple that Jesus is currently building by His body in the land of Israel.

His ministering body in Israel could use Christian support of their efforts.  Only Israeli citizens are legally allowed to evangelize.  So what are your Israel-support dollars being channeled toward?Some projected temple made by human hands is not what God is focusing on. So in many ways the uneducated support of Christians towards Israel is downright counterproductive.

At what point will the misplacement of Christian support of Israel outweigh the overall benefits of the spiritual building of His kingdom? Why must the body of Messiah in Israel bear this burden alone through the lack of teaching going on about such matters? Whose place is it to begin the process of educating the Church-teaching those who will listen? Can we stand the heat for the sake of our brothers and sisters who have been going this alone?

Instead of Christians aligning themselves with God's focus and throwing their considerable Israel-oriented resources toward the building of His spiritual temple in Israel, those resources are being diverted from the body to the persecutors of the body. That is beyond sad—it really is a disgrace for so few to understand these things at this hour and instead to be thrilled by every minute detail of the preparations for a flesh-built third temple.

The fleshly response is always to build the natural instead of the spiritual. Take Peter's reaction to the appearance of Moses and Elijah with Yeshua as He was transformed on the mount. Yeshua was "appearing in glory" before the eyes of Peter, James and John, who were "heavy with sleep" (Luke 9:32). "Heavy with sleep" or spiritual slumber is exactly where much of the Church is today regarding the temple that Jesus is building and the reality of His body—the spiritual temple of Messiah in Israel.

Matthew 17:4 Peter said to Yeshua, "Lord, it is good for us to be here; if You wish, I will make three tabernacles here, one for You, and one for Moses, and one for Elijah."

At the sight of the glory of God upon Yeshua, a spiritually drowsy Peter was nevertheless ready to spring into action to build three tabernacles with his own hands. God was preparing instead to build a new and living Temple through His Son. He interrupted Peter's nervous chatter saying, "This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased; listen to Him!"

Those who are listening to the Son know that God never has been that interested in any temple that man could build for Him. Take God's response to David when he expressed his desire to build the first temple. Yes, Nathan the prophet said, "Do all that is in your mind, for the Lord is with you," but what did God say?

2 Samuel 7:4-7 "But in the same night the word of the LORD came to Nathan, saying, "Go and say to My servant David, 'Thus says the LORD, "Are you the one who should build Me a house to dwell in? For I have not dwelt in a house since the day I brought up the sons of Israel from Egypt, even to this day; but I have been moving about in a tent, even in a tabernacle. Wherever I have gone with all the sons of Israel, did I speak a word with one of the tribes of Israel, which I commanded to shepherd My people Israel, saying, 'Why have you not built Me a house of cedar?''

God's promise to David was about a spiritual house, not a house of wood and stone. He would allow the building of a physical, natural temple because it would serve His ultimate purposes but this is not what God was most interested in building. It wasn't then and it isn't now.

2 Samuel 7:11-13 "The LORD also declares to you that the LORD will make a house for you. When your days are complete and you lie down with your fathers, I will raise up your descendant after you, who will come forth from you, and I will establish His kingdom. He shall build a house for My name, and I will establish the throne of His kingdom forever."

Thanks, David, but My house is a spiritual house and it will take My Son to build that house. That is the spiritual house, the spiritual tabernacle that is "not made with hands."

1 Peter 2:4-6 "And coming to Him as to a living stone which has been rejected by men, but is choice and precious in the sight of God, you also, as living stones, are being built up as a spiritual house for a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Messiah Yeshua. For this is contained in Scripture: 'Behold, I lay in Zion a choice stone, a precious corner stone, And he who believes in Him will not be disappointed."
There is no cornerstone that the Temple Mount Faithful can ever lay that should command more attention from the world wide body of Christ than the house that He is in the progress of completing for Himself in Israel.  The Cornerstone has been laid already by the real temple mount Faithful, our Father.

Today it is the living stones of the spiritual house in Israel that should command our attention because His attention is fervently focused on them, not red heifers and not some block of stone the radical rabbis try periodically to drag up for placement at the Dome of the Rock.

If your understanding as a Christian is that the third temple must be built before Jesus returns, then it is time to recognize that it is a living temple that God wants built made up of Israeli Jews and Arabs.  The third temple referred to in prophetic scripture is a spiritual temple; it is Jesus' body in the land of Israel. Everything else we've been talking about here pales in comparison to them.

If you as a Christian have been following the developments of the wrong temple builders in Israel, please take the challenge to acquaint yourself with the real temple builders who are the sole focus of this site (ministry).  Jesus will not be glorified by the unbelieving religious groups of Israel, but He is being glorified everyday through the lives of His body in Israel.  We are called first to support them.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Maoz Ministries, Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram talk about the nightmare scenarios that the IDF is tackling in Operation Northern Shield where Hezballah terrorist tunnels into Israel are being found & destroyed — some large enough to move tanks and troops through in a surprise attack on Israel! They write, " It seems that, once again, God has given us the upper hand on plans to destroy our nation piece by piece." Continue to pray for God's miraculous grace extended to Israel  - both protectively & in spiritual salvation.

Maoz also asks prayers for rain, speaks of its investment in the next generation of Israeli believers and their IstandwithIsrael humanitarian fund. Great time to please consider giving a special year-end gift  could also use your Year End Giving consideration. Here are a few items of interest from thier most recent issues: Speaking up for the fatherless - Showing God's love to orphans by FIRM Staff | “Tzabarim” for Yeshua | by Alec Goldberg, Israel Director at the Caspari Center | Israeli artists explore hope, light, transition in upcoming Jerusalem exhibit | by Cliff Keller | The Jerusalem House of Quality will host an art exhibition featuring the work of 10 artists, nine of whom are Messianic believers, and are all immigrants who – after transitioning from their lives in other cultures – have integrated into Israeli society and the creative life here.

Dov Bikas of the Aviv rehab ministry and the Negev evangelism & church planting ministry, writes about their fruitful, yet challenging year. Challenging primarily because of his wife's chronic. acute back pain condition which is greatly taxing. See the prayer request in Urgent Healing Prayers. Fruitful in that they have been able to meet many needs among the Tel Aviv street addicts. 12,000 meals served & many addicts going into faith-based rehab. Also on the streets of Beer Sheva. Please read more about this ministry to the lowest of society, the ones so many have completely given up on: Read more by connecting directly with the ministry, or by subscribing to the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries

Avner Boskey of David's Tent and Final Frontier Ministries is out with two new timely articles: We wish you a Jewish Christmas! and What happens when a nation lifts the Jerusalem stone

From Asher Intrater's Revive Israel, and article by Tal Haroni Calling Israel Back | Cody Archer sits with Gil Afriat of Tiferet Yeshua in this video God is Moving in Tel Aviv | Another video featuring a teaching by Asher Your Daughters Will Prophesy | The Nesher Project is about Raising up the next generation of leaders in Israel through discipleship and training within Israeli communities | And Asher's enlightening book of Yeshua throughout the Hebrew scriptures Who Ate Lunch With Abraham

Israel Pochtar (Voice of Judah ministries & Beit Hallel congregation in Ashdod) writes to give us an update on the Arab - Jewish Young Leaders Conference last week. Watch Marwan and Salim, Arab pastors at the meeting sending a special greeting. Also Pochtar asks for our help in the Christmas outreach explaining what they can do With a gift as little as $25 [Read more inside the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry.] Plus praise reports from their Hanukkah Outreach and the Youth Worship conference they attended in Haifa.

Tikkun Global's Israel's Restoration magazine covers many of their leaders in israel, like Avi Tekle at Tents of Mercy in a tribute A Legacy of Priestly Unity to Marc Chopinsky, who was the long time worship leader at the congregation | Eitan Shishkoff, heading the Tikkun congregations of northern Israel, also has a tribute to his long time friend and ministry associate, Marc Chopinsky Reflections on the Legacy of Marc Chopinsky (1950-2018) | Also featuring a book that had profound impact on my views Due Process by Daniel C Juster | Lastly a report on Revive Israel supported the recent Africa-Israeli Restitution Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Joni Koski called Arise Africa!

For Yeshua Israel Ministries, Shani writes about growing up in Israel worshipping alongside the occasional Arab believer. Now she and Kobi have set themselves to really advance the music of Christian Arab worshippers and invite us to watch 3 brothers Watch the Sahknini's play "O Holy Night" in Arabic with an authentic Middle Eastern flare. The song was recorded in our Jerusalem ministry and the video was filmed in their home in Nazareth. The results are beautiful! You can be a part of touching lives in Israel, both Jews and Arabs through important projects like this! Give now

 Richard and Carolyn Hyde of Heart of God Ministries have a glowing report of their ministry time in Germany at 10 high school classrooms. "We simply share the Gospel through the message of Passover and explain how the Lamb of G-d, Yeshua, came to remove our sin which separates us from G-d.  When we gave the students an opportunity to repent and ask forgiveness for their sins, even the teacher raised her hand! . . . So we did something different and taught them how to check-in via LK10 Ministry.  We asked them what Solomon requested from G-d."  They also share about the upcoming release of a new outreach video "The Great Jewish Leader" Read more by connecting directly with the ministry, or by subscribing to the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries

Howard & Randi Bass are preparing for their annual celebration of the birth of Yeshua and visit to Bethlehem to worship and celebrate with our brothers and sisters there at a church which does not particularly like Israel.  We have been doing so since 2003 during the second intifada.  But we are there as faces and names to them, and they are faces and names to us:  reminders that our Father has redeemed children there and here.  For the sake of the testimony of who Jesus/Yeshua is we go:  we must show that Jesus is our peace and reconciliation, even when times are tense and difficult. For this and other things going on in the Yeshua's Inheritance congregation, see more inside the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry.

Ron Cantor has a  "Middle East Update" of new stories which you can get by subscribing to his mailing list and in this latest issue he shares one item on Violence begets violence: Deadly Palestinian terror spree continues after baby dies | Since the drive-by shooting terror attack last week that left a baby dead and several people wounded including the baby’s parents, two Israeli soldiers were killed in another shooting attack during a violent spree that has left Israelis on edge. Read more in the Weekly Summary

Marianna Gol whose Negev ministry Afikim BaNegev  is reaching out to Israelis - the literal & spiritual "widows and orphans" - who are in some of the worst situations in life with no one to turn to.  She writes about a 16 yr old with a tragic family history they are ministering to, with prayer requests for their ability to reach him. It is a horrid crime of sexual abuse of his sister, and perhaps him too. Read more inside the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry AND PRAY this young man will be rescued by the LORD.

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

Olga Bikas’s health condition that seems to have become chronic, with no hope from the doctors for any improvement in the future. This, no doubt, puts an additional emotional and physical burden on our family. Please pray for her acute back pain. | CONTINUED URGENT PRAYER FOR JACOB DAMKANI still in a critical condition | EDDIE SANTORO's MRI showing no signs of brain cancer - there has been damage from the treatments & surgeries, especially to memory. He asks prayers for "of healing not only the eradication of the cancer but a restoration of all that has been lost." | Albert a Messianic leader from southern Israel, has had a successful surgery and an amazing recovery but keep praying for total restoration |  Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.| Ruth Nessim has several health issues, read in her update this week: Most critical EYES.

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Arrows from Zion 12/12/2018

Priority Prayer Focus

With so many Christians supporting the current rebuilding efforts of a physical 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, I consider this  focus to be a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT

On Monday, marking the end of Hannukah a group of orthodox rabbis claiming themselves to be the new Israeli Sanhedrin consecrated the altar for the Third Temple. It was a full-dress reenactment of the daily sacrifice and is something that excites many Christians even though it has nothing to do with God's plans for the Temple Yeshua is building in Israel.

The linked title above leads to an English translated excerpt from the Hanukkah message preached by Tiferet Yeshua pastor Gil Afrait at the Tel Aviv congregation. I hope you all will read it, as it communicates information that every Christian in our day needs to grasp about the end-times prophecies about the temple. 

DIORIO:  Afrait preached to the Israeli congregation in Hebrew, "Yeshua refers to the Temple in Matthew 24 as “the holy place”. However, it is unarguably clear that if a Third Temple is built in Jerusalem by orthodox Jews before the return of the Messiah, it will not be holy because the Spirit of the God will not dwell there. On the other hand, the New Testament clearly states that redeemed believers in Yeshua are the temple of the Holy Spirit: Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? ~ I Cor. 3:16.  One could argue, therefore, that the “Third Temple” is actually the collective redeemed body of Messiah."  

This has been my belief throughout the past 17½ years of doing the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries. It is the Living Temple of God in Israel that I believe we are to concern ourselves with - not the efforts of unsaved Jews to build a temple made of stone.

The rise of Jewish salvation in Israel simply does not move those who have fixed their eyes on a prophetic interpretation that the sign of Jesus soon return is when the Jews rebuild the temple of stone in Jerusalem. They may well or may not at all rebuild a temple of stone in Jerusalem, and Gil Afrait point out in this message how that is possible.

Could it be that for a long time Christians have been looking for the wrong temple to be raised up and now that the Living Temple is being raised up they don't have eyes to see it? That's exactly what I believe.

Even if there will be a 3rd Temple built of stone in Jerusalem, it is a MUCH LESSER SIGN to the Christian world that Yeshua will soon return than the reality that Jews are coming to faith in Yeshua. We should be more willing to consider that and support those Israeli Messianic ministries who are bringing in the harvest, than in being thrilled & chilled by what an fringe group of Orthodox rabbis are doing. Let's get out of this 'temple-fascinated' interpretation of prophecy.

Mercy! The Jewish spiritual Living Temple is being built in our day and we are to be playing a pivotal role in it! Father, we are praying for a breakthrough of spiritual revelation and understanding in Christendom of what YOU are doing by Your Holy Spirit as Yeshua abides in the hearts of those ministering the Good News to Your chosen ones in Israel. 

This morning as I work to wrap up this issue I see a new article about this group of temple-builders and how they are now taking donations to make a golden, jeweled crown for the Messiah to wear when He arrives. Little do they know that the jewels in the crown of Messiah Yeshua are not anything they could possible craft for Him, but His crown jewels are the people being saved as Israeli ministries well know. Don't waste your money on a crown that Jesus will never wear. God has His own crown chosen for the return of the Messiah — Zechariah 9:16

the Lord their God will save them, as the flock of His people; 
for like the jewels of a crown they shall shine on His Land.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

From atop Mt Carmel the congregation of the same name led by Dani and Luanne Sayag, they are enjoying the season of the Festival of Lights with "our thoughts are turned to Yeshua, the True Light of the world, Who dwelt among us and has given us access to God the Father!" During this season they take the opportunity to do outreach at the Haifa street festival to Jews and Arabs. Pray that the seeds planted by their teams between Dec 8-15 will produce much fruit for the kingdom of the LORD.  They have also just done a study on Ephesians and the wrap up is here: "Return to Your First Love". See more of their prayer requests in the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry

Marianna Gol has an update on the 20-yr old young man incarcerated but in need of rehab: the court is sending him to an 8-mo rehab. Pray this young man will see the Light and for the Lord's work in his heart. Maianna will also be coming to the USA in Jan-Feb, so contact her if you would like her to speak about her ministry among the widows and orphans.

Ron Cantor shares links to the videos from the "
Israel, the Church and the Coming Revival" Conference. Also, he speaks about the new work they have launched in Tel Aviv called Nes v’Café נס וקפה. Cool explanation of the name. They desire it to develop into a new congregation in Tel Aviv which Ron also shares his thoughts on along with a yearend wrap up of the great things they saw accomplished in the ministry in 2018.

Evan Levine of the HaTikva Project is also writing about their fund-raising push for year-end giving for the various ways the ministry is a blessing first to the household of faith, but also to many needy in Israel from the children who need foster care or adoption, or to the elderly and other needy who can get quality dental care for much less than average cost. This will help them for 2019 and, they write, "We also have many worthy requests for financial aid from Israeli believers that we would love to be able to approve."

Evan and Maala Thomas are about to go for an annual visit to New Zealand, but file a good report before leaving the congregation in the hands of ministry associate Lev Guler. They write, "During the High Holy Days we also received large numbers of visitors from all over the world, some of whom came to explore ways their home congregations could help our Messianic community in man-power, prayer and finances. All of us are feeling a deep sense of urgency, as if we only have a “brief window of time” in our relative freedom to spread the Good News. According to our understanding of scripture, the window will then close followed by a season of severe persecution within the Land."

The Netanya congregation continues to build relationships developed over many years in Yad b’Yad youth reconciliation, as well as others local and abroad. They are now doing a special appeal for their missions work in Uganda. Learn more inside the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry

Stefan and Karen Silver send a family greeting over the holiday and ask for prayers for the Kerem-El congregation participation in the Haifa street outreach.

Revive Israel sends a year end focus on two ministry outreaches they are doing: (‘Jesus lives’) is evangelistic and now established, developing and well positioned to bring in large numbers of souls in the coming harvest. The second is a new development, and is an expression of greater maturity in the growing Israeli body of believers, as young people and families reach out into the nations, as well as locally. This is the Nesher or Eagle Project, watch Reviving IDF Soldiers. Read more by connecting directly with the ministry, or by subscribing to the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries

The Sorko-Ram's IstandwithIsrael has a great profile of many of the Israelis who are being blessed by financial help. Read amazing testimonies from the December Maoz Israel Report

Our friend from the Mt Carmel area, Ronit Bender is interviewed on a Tulsa, OK ministry TV show of Deborah Sweeten Ministries WATCH Ronit Bender

Avner and Rachel Boskey have been blessing Israel-supporting Christians for decades through their music and Avner's writing. Now they are breaking into new ground as their adult children (and spouses) are adding their gifts to the ministry. As Avner writes, "New hands means that Final Frontier Ministries needs a significant and timely increase in funds both for salaries and operating costs." They ask for prayers that God will meet all these needs, and request that we "ask God if He would like you to contribute to helping us to step forward in these exciting developments"

Israel Pochtar also has a special need for the protection of their congregation in Ashdod which has been the center of much religious persecution in their town of Ashdod.  "Two gates need to be built and installed at the two entrances of our new building; Jerusalem Gate & Jaffa Gate. Each costs $10,000. They will be put up to protect Beit Hallel Congregation's new building, that after 10 years of dreaming and praying, finally became a reality. But we do need to protect it. We're initiating The Gatekeepers Project where we invite you to consider becoming a gatekeeper of Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod by financially supporting the work of building our gates." Read more inside the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries or by connecting directly with the ministry.

Also pray for the upcoming Jewish - Arab Leadership Conference in Eilat they will be meeting "together with fellow Israeli pastors, both Jewish and Arabic, to pray for one another, share and encourage each other, edify the leadership body in the Land as we all gear up towards a new and exciting year. We will spend several days together, cultivating unity and vision for this nation for 2019." 

Rania Sayegh (Christian Arab) and Orna Grinman (Messianic Jew) will be joining together for an outreach to show the love where not much love between Jews and Arabs exist. That is Thursday, Dec 13th. Please pray for them! Watch this 5 min video

Kobi & Shani Ferguson Yeshua Israel ask prayer for a young family who were shot in a terror attack on Monday by a Palestinian terrorist. Pregnant with their first child, the baby had to be delivered c-section prematurely and is struggling for its life.

Intercessors for Israel, Ofer Amitai, Eliyahu Ben-Haim and Chuck Cohen, have key points to pray over the Operation Northern Shield ongoing at the Lebanon border. At last count the Israelis have uncovered 3 underground tunnels that were meant to stage deadly, surprise attacks on Israel as part of a greater war effort. These are important prayer points, several of which you can find in the Weekly Summary, or by subscribing to their Friday Prayer Points.  reports a heartening response to their appeal a few weeks ago to make up the shortfall in their 2018 budget. They still have a way to go, so please respond as you are able. A few of the stories they have carried over the past week are:

Yad Vashem and Israeli Ministry of Interior have contradicting definitions for the question who is a Jew | by Joshua Pex | Margarita Kishnav (a pseudonym) arrived in Israel in 2016, to connect with her Jewish heritage and officially commemorate the memory of her Jewish grandfather, Hans-Walter Hirschberg, a German citizen who was a member of the resistance during World War II. He undermined the Nazi regime and courageously helped save many Jews.  Read more online by clicking the linked title.

How I was saved and called by God to make aliyah (Part 1) | by Richard Honorof | Richard writes, "Knowing that many Jewish people may read this article, I have decided to write my story on how I was saved, and later why I made aliyah to Israel in 1995."

Hanukkah Riddle: The Elusive Origins of the "Shamash" | by Hannah Weiss | Hannah writes, "Was the "servant light" invented by the 1st-century Nazarenes, and then suppressed by the rabbinic community? The idea is not as crazy as it sounds."

Please stand by the Israeli Ministries with your financial help. Please do not let the works that God is not involved in within Israel - those that are not building the LIVING TEMPLE through the faith in Messiah - to drain resources meant for the kingdom.

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

CONTINUED URGENT PRAYER FOR JACOB DAMKANI | Praise the LORD continued ALL-Clear on EDDIE SANTORO's MRI showing no signs of brain cancer - there has been damage from the treatments & surgeries, especially to memory. He asks prayers for "of healing not only the eradication of the cancer but a restoration of all that has been lost." | Albert a Messianic leader from southern Israel, has had a successful surgery and an amazing recovery but keep praying for total restoration |  Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.| Olga Bikas continues to suffer from chronic, acute back pain. She is getting medication and physiotherapeutic treatments but without any substantial improvement | Ruth Nessim has several health issues, read in her update this week: Most critical EYES.|  

Promises made, Promises kept

This photo is from Tuesday, December 11, 2018 from Revive Israel who posted, Sun is arising over Jerusalem !  “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you" Isaiah 60.

 These are promises to the Remnant - regardless of how it may look God's plans for us are for a hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

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