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Arad Takeover Plan Arrows from Zion 7/31/2019

This is actually a large wall poster that maps out the key places in Arad targeted by the ultra-Orthodox Hassidei Gur sect's plans to take over the city. Now we know from this recently exposed map why Arad has been our longest running prayer focus story in the past 18 years of weekly summaries.

The following is the monthly report from the Hebrew-speaking congregation in Arad which tells the story of this poster recently falling into their hands, revealing just how organized the ultra-Orthodox plan has been to take over Arad. The Messianic Hasdey Yeshua
, or Mercy of Yeshua congregation calls this issue, "The Power of Prayer"plus an update of developments since last Thursday, July 25th.

The Power of Prayer | “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ Jeremiah 33:3

Was this the “Master Plan?” The above poster came into the hands of the believing community in Arad recently, although it’s not new. It was meant to be a fund-raising tool for the Hassidei Gur (an extreme ultra-orthodox faction) so that they would eventually be able to take over the city.

The chart is a map of Arad. There are arrows pointing to each neighborhood and bragging about how many Gur were already living in them. But the most alarming thing is that it was inferred that many of the public institutions were already “Gur Territory”. Each one is numbered. Here’s a small sampling to give you an idea what was at stake and how your prayers for us in Arad averted a possible catastrophe.

 #6 a public bomb shelter         #19 Arad public first aid clinic    #21 Arad city-wide food co-op

The public bomb shelter was illegally taken over by the Gur and renamed “Beit Hassidim”. It was being used as a “place of prayer” and a yeshiva (study hall).  The public first aid clinic the Gur were never in charge of but they clearly had targeted it and hoped to take it over. The food store was meant as a cooperative for the whole city. The store itself didn’t succeed and neither did the Gur’s plans.

And then there was #13, a new neighborhood that would have been built by our national government as a solution for housing the burgeoning Gur population.

These would have been low cost high rise buildings whose very numbers would have guaranteed a Gur takeover (a demographic takeover as it would have made place for many more of the sect to move to Arad). But there was one caveat: the plan needed the approval of the mayor.

It is our best estimate that the time this takeover chart was published and distributed was toward the end of the former mayor Tali's tenure. You may remember this prayer request from April 2015:

Please pray for the mayoral election in Arad, 2 June, 2015 |  Background: Our former mayor was a secular Russian woman who was elected in part because of her promise to “do favors” for the ultra-orthodox, something which made life difficult for the believers here in the city. In the recent general elections this woman was promoted to serve in the Knesset and there will be special election on June 2nd to choose someone to take her place as mayor. This is a crucial time for Arad.
One candidate wants to build up the financial base of the city and attract businesses to the area. He also has expressed the belief that all the citizens of the city are equal before the law. In the previous mayoral election in which he was a candidate, he was approached by the ultra-orthodox to “work with them.” His response was, “Sorry, Arad is not for sale!”
    The acting mayor, who is himself ultra-orthodox, is also running in the election. His agenda is to chase businesses away from the city, drive housing prices down and thus make secular people leave, opening the door for more and more ultra-orthodox to move in.
    We know the Lord’s will is going to be done and are willing to accept that, whatever it is. Again, we declare that the ultra-orthodox are not our enemies. They are our brothers and sisters who as yet don’t know their own Messiah. Please pray for them!

We requested urgent prayer for the elections. You prayed and God miraculously intervened.
The political outsider named Nisan Ben Hamo, who was born here and simply loves the city, refused to make a deal with the Gur (the first time that had ever happened), and he won with a 72% to 28% plurality.

The Gur tried one last ditch effort to take over the city, and during the regular election in 2018, a Likud candidate entered the race. He promised the Gur three key positions should he win: Deputy Mayor, Finance and Housing. Bibi Netanyahu was backing this candidate and came to Arad to promote him.

Again we requested urgent prayer for the elections. Again you prayed...and again God miraculously stepped in. Praise God! Despite voter fraud perpetrated by the Gur, Nisan won again, this time with 64%. The so-called Gur “Master Plan” never came to fruition. Not only did Mayor Nisan refuse to build the new neighborhood planned by the national government, but also stopped the illegal use of bomb shelters as yeshivas, stores, etc. The Gur are furious, but the residents of Arad are thankful.

UPDATE: What I didn’t know when I sent the newsletter out on Friday was that this whole thing had started up again on Thursday. That’s when the Gur rabbi and some of his followers physically broke into a public bomb shelter and changed the locks. Their intent was to make it a yeshiva. They said they changed the locks so they wouldn’t be disturbed in their studies.

The law says that if someone breaks into a property, the owner has 30 days to evict them without needing a court order. So when the municipality came on Friday to throw them out, they not only resisted, they had the police to back them up. Meanwhile on Friday night crowds of Gur were milling around outside the shelter cursing at neighborhood residents.

The mayor did get a court order for their eviction, which included a 15,000 shekel fine to the rabbi. The rabbi proceeded to lock himself into the shelter and took the case to the Supreme Court. They sued the mayor, the municipality and the Israeli police. They lost again this time with a 20,000 shekel fine.

It’s not over yet. We have no idea how long this will drag out. We want to thank all of you who have taken our city into your hearts and have faithfully prayed for us. Please continue to pray for Mayor Nisan and the prosperity of Arad, both physical and spiritual.
Post Script from Arrows: One important element of this account that I don't want you miss seeing. Notice the role that Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud party played in throwing their backing into the corner with the ultra-Orthodox instead of for the rest of the citizens of Arad, including the Messianic Jewish believers who have been hotly persecuted for years in Arad by the ultra-Orthodox.
     This is not a fluke and it is something that every Christian praying for the upcoming Israeli elections needs to grasp. I love Netanyahu, and I know many of you do also, but the truth is Netanyahu is so beholden to the religious parties to remain in power, that he does too many favors for them which hurts the general population and actually endangers the Messianic Jewish believers. When the religious have great power, the persecution of the believers becomes great.
     Some glibly say, 'Well, where there is persecution, the Gospel flourishes!' Fine. When you are standing in the level of persecution the Israeli ministries experience, then come back and tell us that again. I believe the right position in prayer to take is that God will protect Israel in the coming election, AND that He will do it in a way that protects the believers of Israel so they may continue to share their faith freely among their countrymen. I know I place more value on seeing that come out of the election in September than I do in seeing Benjamin Netanyahu elected again. I hope you can see the spiritual ramifications of all that has been shared in this cover story. - Donna Diorio

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only
Our first ministry prayer request this week also involves the persecution of a ministry couple in Israel Pochtar's Ashdod Beit Hallel congregation. His co-pastor Eitan "In previous times the persecutions that Pastor Eitan has faced mainly involved intimidation, slander, threats and defamation of character from the orthodox Jewish community, but now that persecution has taken on a new face. The Israeli Ministry of Interior is now refusing to grant Eitan's wife, Julia, Israeli residency and an Israeli ID because of their faith in Yeshua, despite Eitan being an Israeli citizen." A widower, Eitan received social security payments after his wife died a few years ago, but now the Interior Ministry claims he "forfeited his wife's pension money after he remarried. Now they are demanding that he retro-actively pay back every cent of the pension that he has received after the passing of his wife Shelly. This claim amounts to about 28,000 shekels. Shortly afterwards the IRS also got on the bandwagon and demanded that he retro-actively pay taxes on the pension money that he has received in that time, amounting to about 5,800 NIS." CLEARLY this is unjust persecution because of their faith in Yeshua. Please pray for breakthrough...and also "Pray with us also for Pastor Eitan's outreach and humanitarian projects in the city of Kiryat Gat, as he brings the gospel to this city." 

Pochtar asks for prayer also "for our ongoing battle to get our final occupancy permit, we're experiencing severe opposition, we know it's a spiritual battle and we need all the prayer warriors we can get."  More of how God is moving in the Pochtar's ministries is found in the Weekly Summary, which you can subscribe to by contacting - or by directly connecting with Voice of Judah Ministries.

Daniel and LuAnne Sayag, who lead the Carmel Congregation on Mt Carmel, write about what it means to "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem." . . . "Often the challenge that we face is a lack of peace within our nation and without....when a person comes into a right relationship with God, then he can be at peace with others. Before I knew Yeshua, I didn't like Arabs, but when Yeshua came into my life, God gave me a supernatural love for the Arab people.  I know that the same thing has happened to some of my Arab brothers towards the Jews. Recently we experienced riots in Israel after an Ethiopian Jew was killed by a police officer. This incident was a trigger for years of pent-up feelings of discrimination. We also had more riots due to the abuse of children in nursery centers, and as we approach our upcoming election in September, we have never seen such rivalry between politicians.  We have great tension at our borders right now and the sense that a war is just a matter of time. I want to encourage you to pray for the peace of Jerusalem; pray for the salvation of Israel"  

The Carmel congregation also appreciates the prayer for on-going outreaches and ministries on Mount Carmel, including the Medabrim Media outreach (The Great Jewish Leader, Part 1 and Part 2 |Their Shabbat messages, posted each on their website.   [This week on Facebook LuAnne shared: "Not prejudiced, but Dani gave the best message I've ever heard on David and Goliath yesterday" |Ministry abroad with Pastor Peter in heavy travel this summer, Colin Mitchell in the UK in Aug and Karen Davis in the US in August.

Ron Cantor of Messiah's Mandate is currently traveling in the US but was so excited to see the long awaited renovations at Tiferet Yeshua congregation in Tel Aviv are finally well underway. They will now be equipped to seat more people and also to do live streaming in Hebrew to Israelis no matter where they are. Ron also writes about their Feed Tel Aviv humanitarian outreach that Moti Cohen is leading in outreach to drug addicts, prostitutes, and the homeless in Tel Aviv’s red-light district. They also work with the Tikkun-related rehab center in Jerusalem Beit HaYeshuah (House of Salvation), and  another Tikkun-related non-profit in south Tel Aviv called Kitepride which takes former prostitutes and give them full-time jobs in their factory where they take old kite-surfing material and turn them into all kinds of product, from gym bags to laptop covers. These ministries are linked up to work together to change REAL LIVES. This is what cooperation between ministries looks like.

Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem files ICI Friday Prayer Points  July 26, 2019 Click for the full online version including the topics of The Election and Electorate, Iran, Hezbollah, Gaza, two anti-Israel/anti-semitic Democrat congresswomen (Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar)arriving in Israel soon, PA president Abbas threats, and Aliyah.

Karen Royel files this report for about the Aliyah Return Center:  Unconditional love in uncompromising faith The vision for ARC is ever-expanding, and Malespin and the rest of the staff look to the future. With more buildings to restore and an ever-expanding number of residents and volunteers, the Aliyah Return Center is turning the soil for what comes next.

Also from the ARC ministry letter, Chaim Malespin sends this
VIDEO challenge Two Buildings need to be renovated by September. Will you come and help us?  The VIDEO is a 360° video which to follow Chaim to get the full view, you need to click and drag your mouse to the left. (These video files are huge, so it may take some time to load if you don't have a fast connection) But that's pretty cool, right? | Chaim is about to depart for the UK August 1-12 with dates in Leicester, Notting Hill, Scotland, and Cirencester Get more info at

Revive Israel shares an article by Cody Archer Shame of Nakedness about "the full exposure of a human body is more and more being accepted as normal and ok. As followers of Yeshua, we need to push back against this deception". Also Cody with Samuel Whitefield VIDEO Son of Man – Why Did Yeshua Use This Title? | Asher Learn from My Mistakes VIDEO Intellectual Wisdom. . . .and for good measure I am throwing in this video on the Revive Facebook from Asher at the Israel, the Church and the Coming Revival Conference in Texas, Nov 2018.  I especially liked what he told about the return of the sons and daughters who had wandered from faith - how we are going to get them back! Amen! I believe that is something we all have a deep desire to see God do among us. Not one precious soul from among our children would be lost.

Sally Shiff who is an intercessor and representative of the Kfar Saba HaMaayan congregation observes that "God is bringing in the harvest bit by bit, but significantly different than in the past." She writes about a 'walk up' - a man drawn to the door of her home group while they were worshipping and has now become a regular in the group. Also, how a girl in the neighborhood she met through her dog is also coming to the home group. They came, they saw what they liked and they keep returning! Hallelujah! This is how the witness is going forth in Israel, it is up close and personal. Sally's leg has been healed enough that operations are off the table and she is readying herself for her US speaking tour which starts in October in NYC and goes mainly through the southeast. She also has a book looming in her future, on how to pray for Israel. More details to follow.

Maoz Ministries Shira Sorko-Ram writes Miracles of the Yom Kippur War (Golan Heights Part 2) (Part 1). Also I am throwing in this excellent acticle Shira posted on Facebook the other day: As an Israeli, Why Do I Pray for America? | Modern-day Israel continues to survive and flourish through endless attacks of our enemies, because the Lord promised to always protect her. But He also promised a spiritual salvation for the Jewish people, and this is why Maoz Israel exists! Support the Gospel in Israel

David Lazarus at Israel Today has two articles of great interest: Lady Liberty and the Biblical Deborah and New Film Depicts Daring Rescue of Ethiopian Jews about how the Israeli Secret Service, or Mossad, smuggled thousands of Ethiopian Jews into Israel using a deserted holiday retreat in Sudan as a front. Watch the trailer

Avi Tekel who pastors the Tents of Mercy (Ohalai Rachamim) congregation in Kiryat Yam writes, "The summer here began on a tragic and difficult note. On July 3rd a young Ethiopian Israeli was killed by an off-duty police officer. All of Israel was caught up in the grief and anguish caused by his death – expressed through riots and protests throughout the country. It is a reminder yet again of the complexity and depth of the culture here, in which lots of buried issues are periodically brought to the surface. As an Ethiopian-Israeli citizen, this event touched me deeply. I have been reflecting on what occurred, but can only hope and pray that suffering will bring together as a nation. Israel has a tendency to blossom in crisis. So, I ask for your prayers for comfort and for peace even in the midst of cross-cultural conflict.

Avi also shares the recently produced Kids in Song video of their children’s music group to give you a taste of what the children have been doing. He writes, " We are intentional about investing in our children and see in them our future worship leaders and songwriters. So please keep this project in prayer." Also he writes that the kid's camp just wrapped up and the national teen conference Katzir is set to start first week of August. Prayers please for all involved.  Afterwards the congregation will set itslef to be preparations for the fall outreach of food distribution for Rosh HaShana. They are distributing to 600 families but want to reach twice as many. Will you help?

The 10th anniversary of the HaTikva Project is what is on Evan Levine's mind. He and wife Elisa were planted in Israel in 2009 by Promise Keepers and " began offering benevolence to the poor saints in Jerusalem. This soon developed into our benevolence ministry, HaTikva Aid, which has met the financial needs of hundreds of families." Now they also have launched two evangelistic dental clinics (a great need in Israel since dental expenses are not part of their medical coverage), and also Hatikva Families support and facilitate adoption and foster care in Israel. This is a ministry that God has been blessing greatly. Learn more

Avner Boskey has this word Two hearts beat as one online, writing "In my travels I sometimes bump into perspectives which sidestep God’s biblical choosing of Israel. At times it sound like some of these teachings concentrate on anything but what the Scriptures teach concerning Jacob, anything but God’s radar love for the Jewish people." He asks, "How should we then pray? Pray for an increased revelation to come to many Yeshua-believers about God’s passionate heart for Israel. Pray for an increase of teaching about Israel which reflects YHVH’s heart for the Jewish people. Pray for Messiah Yeshua to be revealed to and accepted by many hungry Jewish hearts. Pray for the raising up of Ezekiel’s prophetic Jewish army throughout the earth. | Your prayers and support hold up our arms and are the very practical enablement of God to us in the work He has called us to do."

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

CONTINUE to PRAY for the urgent healing needs of Jacob Damkani | Ronit Bender sends this update:  My cough is gone mostly, my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine.  I totally have peace about my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. I am very  grateful they let me travel in October and November both to Australia and Holland. Please continue to pray for Ronit | Martin Sarvis has undergone arthroscopic surgery and is now in the healing process and physiotherapy. | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, because of a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should, was advised by a specialist in case of injuries, he could lose his leg because of the blood flow issues. Shlomy has to wrap his legs daily because of the blood flow issues. Please pray for Shlomy | Ruth Nessim has recovered from a strong 2-month bout with Sciatica, but her most critical prayer need which she says may required an operation. Please pray for Ruth in Nahariya| Olga Bikas’s health condition that seems to have become chronic, with no hope from the doctors for any improvement in the future. This, no doubt, puts an additional emotional and physical burden on our family. Please pray for her acute back pain. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

Donna Diorio or

THANK YOU to those who have considered this ministry worthy of financial support. Donations appreciated |  Or by postal mail make donations payable to the order of Donna Diorio
P O Box 111302 Carrollton, Texas 75006 
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My Vision Arrows from Zion 7/24/2019

Photo of the Judean Hills by Emily Gissen
Approaching the 18th anniversary year of weekly Arrows from Zion,
it seems good to once again share the guiding vision of these email lists.

My Vision for Arrows from Zion from August 2001 to Present

It is pretty simple really. It started because even in a Messianic congregation I noticed that the majority of the focus was on issues and prayers for Israel, but minimal focus on the body of believers in Israel. It was the same thing among churches and Christian organizations that supported Israel — rarely ever a mention made to pray for the few thousand  Jewish believers in Israel, or the Messianic congregations ministering to them. Both Diaspora Messianic congregations and Israel-supporting churches tend to view their connection to Israel as somewhat detached from the Israeli Messianic community in Israel. They hold the mandate and the key to the harvest in Israel, as no one else does. That has to be understood.

I had been exposed to the existence of Messianic ministries through an Israeli minister who lived at that time in the United States and co-pastored with Francis Frangipane. I signed up for Reuven Doron's Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem monthly email about 1990 or so. He didn't name them by name, but his descriptions of the ministries made me aware for the first time that they existed and they were important. I already knew God had stirred my heart toward Israel, but this was another step forward toward understanding God's purposes.

Soon after I came to see that God was intending to restore the church to its "duty" to materially support the Messianic Jewish believer ministries in Israel. It was not just about supporting Israel in general as most of the Israel support I saw was directed toward. Over the next several years my eyes were opened beyond Romans 15:26-27:

"For [the churches in] Macedonia and Achaia were pleased to make a contribution for the poor among the saints in Jerusalem. They were pleased to do it, and indeed they owe it to them. For if the Gentiles have shared in their spiritual blessings, they are obligated to minister to them with material blessings."
Many in the church today read that statement without seeing that it was not just the debt owned by the first century churches to the Israeli Messianic body of Messiah, but in God's eyes that duty has never been abolished. Those Christians who grasp that truth often fail to grasp the other truth in this passage, that the duty and duty of Christians is not to contribute material blessings to Israel in general, but most specifically to "the saints in Jerusalem".

As I read the letters from Paul, "Apostle to the Gentiles," I began to see that it was not just that Macedonia and Achaia that were making a contribution to the apostles in Jerusalem to distribute. Paul was using them as an example to encouraged other, more financially able churches to do the same.

Verses began to jump out at me in Paul's letters and I saw from the time of Acts 12, when Peter and James were arrested by Herod and James put to death — while Paul was in town to deliver a contribution to the leaders of the Messianic faith! — Paul purposed himself to raising a donation collection in all the churches. He made it a mission to instruct all the churches he had helped to establish among the Gentiles, to take up a collection specifically for the purpose of helping "the saints in Jerusalem".

If you will study the phrase "the poor" as used by Paul, in four out of six uses of the phrase, "the poor,"  Paul is clearly referencing the poor of Judea, and one is a reference to himself.  (Ro 15:26, 1 Cor 16:1, 15; 2 Cor 9:1; and 9:12-13).  Many people think Paul is referring to the generic poor, but he is specifically referring to the believers in Israel as poor. As a former aggressive persecutor of the Messianic Jewish believers, Paul of all people understood the religious opposition in Israel would always be great against the Jews of faith in Israel, as it continues to be today.

Paul's urging of collection-taking went on for several years and then came the point that leaders from the churches were to take their collection and accompany Paul to Jerusalem to lay it at the feet of the leadership there to distribute as needed for the ministry. The collection was not going to the Temple, nor the Sanhedrin, nor any type of secular representation of Israel — it was for those ministering the Gospel in Israel and caring for the flock in Israel.

You may recall that on this last trip to Jerusalem to carry this donation to the churches that the prophets of God were coming out of the woodwork to warn Paul that if he went to Jerusalem, he would be bound in chains. His freedom would be over. But Paul had "resolved in the Spirit" that he must go. Many people teach that Paul made a big spiritual mistake, but that is not what God has shown me.

God gave Paul a mandate to go set down the model of support that the churches should give in support of the body of Messiah in Israel for the ultimate Divine purpose that "all Israel shall be saved" ...but God also showed Paul the price he would pay to fulfill the mandate. Paul was determined that no matter what the cost to himself was personally, he would do what God appointed him to do.

I believe this is what many congregational leaders, ministries and Messianic Jewish believers in Israel are doing today. And the mandate of the church to contribute to them so they can fulfill their mandate is also still in full effect.

This is why the focus of my Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries and Arrows from Zion are not focused on Israel in general, but on the Body of Messiah in Israel specifically.

My vision for these weekly prayer lists is not so much to share about Israel, or Judaica, or how to pray about external threats, or teachings from the Torah, or any other facet but the significance of the Jewish believers in Israel. It is a Divine mandate of Christians to help the believer ministries in Israel to fulfill their mandate of proclaiming Yeshua, establishing and strengthening faith among the congregants and presenting the witness to their countrymen that the answer to life, peace and joy truly does lie in a relationship with Israel's hope, the Messiah of Israel Yeshua.

In the coming weeks I will be writing about how and why there was a breakdown in the churches materially supporting the believers in Israel. Here's one thing you can chew on: it happened before the Nicene Council I, and in fact, the Nicene Council might have been borne out of fears created in Rome by a request for the restoration of giving to the believers in Israel. — Donna Diorio

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only
Sadly we are reporting yet three more deaths from the Israeli Messianic community, a father, mother and their 2 month old infant son. A toddler daughter has survived. It is news that has deeply impacted the body in Israel, which has lost three precious ministers in the past month - now this tragic car accident has taken the lives of a young, devoted to the Lord, family from their midst. Please pray for comfort for the whole body of Messiah in Israel.

Moaz Ministries, Shira Sorko-Ram sends her report of the funeral which was attended by "close to 1,000 people" about "half of them soldiers and pilots and officers, including several generals." Rodrigo, was a "much beloved Major in the Israeli Air Force." He grew up in the Tiferet Yeshua congregation, 1 of 7 Rostesky children. He and his wife, Sophie were sold out believers and Shira calls him "a role model of a true believer. His fellow soldiers testified of what a lovable person he was, and his superior told of what a hard worker he was who always carried out whatever orders he was given. In life, he passed the test, and in death hundreds of soldiers heard the Good News."

Opher Amitai, Rodrigo and Sophi's pastor from Jerusalem, "announced that the funeral would be held according to the faith of Rodrigo - that is, a Messianic Jewish ceremony - obviously with the approval of the Air Force. And so for 45 minutes, members of the family and friends from their congregation spoke about his life and what it stood for. They spoke about his family's faith in Yeshua HaMashiach." Please pray for the families, both the natural family but also spiritual family who mourn this tragic loss.

In the weekly prayer requests, Maoz also asks for intercessions to be made for the September elections. Without God's intervention, polls show the vote outcome will be exactly the same as the last two votes, with no one able to form a government coalition. This impasse would be greatly harmful to Israel going forward.

A wonderful report comes from Eddie Santoro's widow, Jackie, who also speaks to the losses of Eliyahu Ben Chaim, Ye'shi Reinhardt, and the Rostesky family. It has been difficult to absorb the losses. Jackie writes, " Please pray for the Body in Israel as it tries to understand and grapple with all that has happened in such a short time. Pray for each family as it goes through this season of grief. May God's comfort and love fill each one of us as we move forward day by day."

Jackie also writes, "After all that has happened since that day, we are all so much more aware of how fleeting and fragile this life can be.  How important it is to commit ourselves to loving one another. Love leaves no regrets! .... Eddie never missed an opportunity to show love. May this legacy live in me as I go forth. "Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom". (Psalm 90:12)" Read her full letter here.

The Tikkun Cares monthly email features different ministries among Tikkun and their special needs. This month the feature is Guy Cohen who leads "a vibrant, on-fire Messianic community in Akko, Israel" where Guy was born and raised in an Orthodox Jewish home — a fact that has brought Guy persecution which he has weathered with the help of the LORD's Holy Spirit. Watch this VIDEO to catch the vision that burns in Guy to see Jew and Gentile united in Messiah Yeshua. The NEED: They have an opportunity to purchase space next to their existing location which would allow expansion for the children, youth ministries, space for counseling, training and family services plus food and clothing distribution and so much more! Ron Cantor writes, "Please hear me, this is a rare opportunity—roughly 9,300 square feet in three floors has opened up right next to a Messianic community. We have to seize the moment. Read in full... or Click to Donate

Also, directly from Guy Cohen on Facebook: "Yesterday I received a phone call from the Manager of the Acco Welfare office. They asked if Harvest of Asher could help support 200 children from at risk families with school supplies for the coming school year before they return to school. The cost per child is $75 and includes the following:  school bag with notebooks, pencil case with supplies, etc."
These are opportunities for greater outreach. See web link for the best options for giving.

Evan and Maala Thomas of the Beit Asaph congregation in Netanya, have returned from their 10-day intensive in Uganda - a sort of forward scouting party before sending their congregant Miriam off in January 2020 for a long term mission. They are building a school and an orphanage and the scouting party certainly opened their eyes to the challenges and immersed them in the compassion's of the Lord for the deep poverty of the people. If you are interested to learn more, or want to participate in this mission from Israel with love, contact & donation 

Chuck Cohen's Intercessors for Israel Friday Prayer Points 7/19/19 includes prayer points for Iran, Iranian proxies, Security along Gaza border, Security in Judea and Samaria, spiritual call to pray over politics Israeli Elections, and for Aliyah.

Also, this IFI note of appreciation from Hanna Ben Haim and family: We as a family have been greatly blessed by the outpouring of love and support which we have received from around the world during this painful time. We know that your prayers have held us up. Thank you also for those loving memories that so many of you have shared. We will treasure them deeply. May we all continue to pray and stand with the prophetic purposes of God for Israel and His people. With much love from Hanna Ben Haim and family. Our dear friend Julie Stahl wrote an article on Eliyahu recently that gives an overall picture of him.

What a lovely picture of the love of God in a long, blessed marriage.

From Revive Israel: Yoni Koski writes Responding to Non-Believers, Cody Archer with Don Finto in VIDEO Sustaining Covenantal Relationships, Dan Juster VIDEO Available 24/7, this article Partnership with Arab Christians, and Asher's A Strategic Alliance

From Israel Pochtar, Beit Hallel and Voice of Judah ministries, a praise report about their new live-stream of services via Facebook. This thanks to new broadcast equipment allowing them to minister to many who have given their lives to the LORD through outreaches, but for reasons from being shut-ins, to pressure not to attend Messianic services, are unable to attend. Now in the privacy of their own homes they can access the worship and preaching. MOST DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW VALUABLE INTERNET OUTREACH IS TO REACH ISRAELIS —and privacy to learn and grow in faith without persecution is a big reason why.

Also they share the touching testimony of Guy Pochtar as he took part in an outreach to a Tel Aviv neighborhood "plagued by drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, as well as homelessness." At one point I looked up and realized that two very different scenes were playing out in front of me. On one side of the street there were people being deceived by the devil and making horrible life decisions, and on the other side of the street there was a park full of kids who were playing football and just behaving like normal kids. Suddenly a thought came to me: "Are these kids going to end up like those adults across the street?" Learn about their upcoming Youth Equipping conference and other outreaches here

Ron Cantor, currently traveling in the US writes: The Most Dangerous Woman in America (Ilhan Omar), Tiferet Yeshua Renovations Underway, Is the Genesis 12:3 ‘Bless Israel’ promise still valid? and Ron Cantor's December Israel Tour Up to Zion  {Arrows: There is not any better tour of Israel than the ones that Messianic Jewish leaders offer. Real potential to change your whole view of God's purposes in the Holy Land.}

David Lazarus has a shocking article on Israel Today: 80% of Israeli 13-Year-Old Boys Access Porn

Yariv Goldman, Ye'shi Reinhardt's chosen successor for Tents of Victory and Hands of Mercy, continues to carry forward the humanitarian work of the ministry, but is also going through a reorganization to put greater emphasis on ministry to the lost sheep of Israel. Please pray for Yariv and the team as they go forward in a direction that ministers not only to the physical need, but to the spiritual need as well.

The Jerusalem Institute of Justice has submitted a request to the International Criminal Court - ICC to investigate the Head of the Political Wing of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, for #crimes against humanity. Learn more at their site English or Hebrew

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs 

Please keep in prayer the Israeli believers who are fighting for their lives or other urgent health needs:  CONTINUE to PRAY for the urgent healing needs of Jacob Damkani | Ronit Bender is awaiting results from her heart echo test results although she has she feels so much better - but has had a persistent cough for months now. She will have to go to a lungs doctor...and the heart valve is still leaking. Please continue to pray for Ronit. She has been released to travel to Australia in Oct, and Holland in Nov despite the outstanding issues.| Martin Sarvis has undergone arthroscopic surgery and is now in the healing process and physiotherapy. | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, because of a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should, was advised by a specialist in case of injuries, he could lose his leg because of the blood flow issues. Shlomy has to wrap his legs daily because of the blood flow issues. Please pray for Shlomy | Ruth Nessim has recovered from a strong 2-month bout with Sciatica, but her most critical prayer need which she says may required an operation. Please pray for Ruth in Nahariya| Olga Bikas’s health condition that seems to have become chronic, with no hope from the doctors for any improvement in the future. This, no doubt, puts an additional emotional and physical burden on our family. Please pray for her acute back pain. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

Teaching Articles 

Israel's tour guides — especially the Messianic faith tour guides because of Holy Spirit insight — really have a way of opening our eyes beyond what we imagined is contained in a simple biblical account. They are able to show us how connected the accounts of real events in both the Hebrew scriptures and the New Covenant scriptures are woven together by God and related past, present and future. I thought this blog post was a great example of that from a certified tour guide in the Messianic congregation in Kfar Saba, Kehilat HaMaayan.

A Double Portion | by Ran Silberman | Read the full enlightening post online by clicking title.

Elisha and Elijah crossed the Jordan river, in the same place where the sons of Israel had entered into Canaan led by Joshua. Elisha knew that Elijah was going to be taken from him - he heard this prophecy three times from the sons of the prophets. Elisha anticipated this moment and he had a plan. What was his plan? to become greater than his master! ....A spiritual principle | The principle we learn from Elisha is that when we approach God and ask for a gift - a spiritual gift - God wants to bestow on us. We might not be perfect, we may not be very nice. We certainly are considered sinners. It does not mean we cannot ask for gifts. And we can ask for a double portion of the Spirit!

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