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Making Room | Arrows From Zion 8/28/2019

The photograph of the Dead Sea came from Revive Israel but it is also the perfect illustration
of Avner Boskey's points below. As the scripture for Avner's Final Frontier Ministries asks,
"What will the Jewish people's acceptance of Yeshua result in but life from the dead?"

Romans 11:15

Shalom friends, I had 7 more prayer letters come in than I could get into this issue but will include them next week. While I have you here, I would just like to make an appeal to my subscribers to consider making a modest monthly commitment to financial support of this ministry. I do dedicate many hours over several days every week to providing this information. As the scripture says, "The workman is worthy of his hire."

Making Room in the Bible for the Jewish People
by Avner Boskey, Final Frontier Ministries

What will the Jewish people's acceptance of Yeshua result in but life from the dead?
Romans 11:15

The Bible is chock full of prophecies specifically given to the Jewish people. What happens when Gentile believers re-interpret those Jewish promises away from the Jewish people? Most Christian use of Scripture ignores its Jewish context and simply replaces it with a Gentile Christian context. This is Replacement theology, practically speaking. Even my best friends do this on a daily basis.

Let’s look at this problem, and then try to bring some biblical balance.  The Bible says that cursing, making light of or ignoring the Jewish people is a biblical no-no (see Genesis 12:3; Jeremiah 30:17). Is there a more excellent way of using the Jewish Scriptures – one that will not separate the Jewish people from their promises, while at the same time allowing Gentile believers to apply the relevant spiritual principles to their own lives?

A diamond is forever | The Apostle Paul gives us a solid foundation for understanding and using the Jewish Scriptures: “From the standpoint of God’s choice they (the Jewish people) are beloved for the sake of the Patriarchs (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) – because the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable” (Romans 11:28).

Simply put, all of the promises originally spoken over the Jewish people still apply to the Jewish people. They are all valid prophecies and they will certainly come to pass for the sons and daughters of Jacob. These promises, like diamonds, are forever. They are the family jewels of Jacob’s children.

Staying honest | How are we to honor the original and lasting intent of the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15) in our teaching, preaching and calls to intercession? Whenever we use a Scripture passage which talks about Israel, let’s ask ourselves some basic questions:

    To whom is this passage written? In most cases the answer will be ‘to the Jewish people’
    What does this passage teach or explain about the Jewish people? What is God saying to Israel?
    What can you do to communicate God’s message to Jewish people?
    What encouragement can be drawn for your own life situations and challenges based on who this covenant-keeping God is?

Discovering that the Bible really is a Jewish book | If nearly all of the Bible’s prophecies are about the Jewish people, God must have a reason for that.

God is calling for a radical reformation in the Body of Messiah. His challenge to us all – can we let the Bible mean what it says? Will we allow those prophecies to breath, giving honor to God’s word by honoring His original intent?

“Does that prophecy actually refer to the Jews and their destiny?” (first illustration) | A movement of worship and intercession is spreading across the planet. Christian believers are glorifying the God of Israel and calling on Him to bring repentance, renewal and revival to their own nations. Scripture passages are often drafted and pressed into the service of these movements. A closer look at these passages almost always reveals that the verses used are actually prophesying specific destiny over the Jewish people.

One example is Isaiah 60:1-3, 12, 14:  “Arise, shine; for your light has come and the glory of YHVH has risen upon you. For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples. But YHVH will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising … For the nation and the kingdom which will not serve you will perish, and the nations will be utterly ruined … The sons of those who afflicted you will come bowing to you, and all those who despised you will bow themselves at the soles of your feet. And they will call you the City of YHVH, Zion of the Holy One of Israel” (Isaiah 60:1-3, 12, 14)

This passage is not a declaration that the church will bring revival to other Gentiles. It is definitely a declaration that Israel will bring revival to all the nations (which is part of her prophesied destiny; see Romans 11:12, 15).

[Click here to read ALL of the excellent illustrations and points Avner makes, it will lead you to his website article which is a MUST READ!....I will give you the conclusion below, but all of his illustrations are need-to-know.]

Mañana (tomorrow) is good enough for me | One of our ministry emphases focuses on the urgent need to equip believers – so that we will all be pro-actively ready for the restoration of Israel. Occasionally some believers respond to the challenges with these words:

    There are differing viewpoints on these matters. A focus on the Jewish people will only cause division
    It’s not yet time to talk about these things publicly
    It’s more spiritual to focus on Gentile needs than on Jewish destiny and biblical priority

Brothers and sisters, the time for hesitation’s through. Let’s stop the delaying tactics. Let’s own up to our lack of prophetic courage.  “For the eyes of YHVH move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His”  (2 Chronicles 16:9)  “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8)

Let the Jewish people back into their own tent | In your devotions, in your Bible reading, in your preaching and teaching, allow the Jewish people into your tent. According to Romans 11:24 it is actually their own tent –“their own olive tree”. But do make room for the Jewish people, and allow them back into their own Bible, their gifts and their calling.

How should we then pray?
    Pray for the eyes of believers worldwide to be opened to the Jewish Scriptures and the calling of Israel
    Pray for pastors, teachers and spiritual leaders to receive and be obedient to this revelation
    Pray for Messiah Yeshua to be revealed to and accepted by many hungry Jewish hearts
    Pray for the raising up of Ezekiel’s prophetic Jewish army throughout the earth

Your prayers and support hold up our arms and are the very practical enablement of God to us in the work He has called us to do.

Avner & Rachel Boskey are located in Beer Sheva.  David’s Tent & Final Frontier Ministries  Donations: Final Frontier Ministries Box 121971 Nashville TN 37212-1971 USA  Also via PayPal:

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only 

The weekly prayer requests from Maoz ministries in Tel Aviv kick start us with a plethora of issues Israel is facing at this time: please pray for safety and protection over our soldiers and civilians; security at the borders; divine guidance for our leaders and commanders, courageous in decision-making. Pray for the LORD to lead Israel in the Sept 17th elections. They ask prayer for the continued transition of leadership from the Sorko-Rams to their seasoned, younger generation Kobi and Shani (Sorko-Ram) Ferguson. For all their projects to aid the whole body in Israel, plus a special request for a sticky situation at the printer of their books translated into Hebrew: they are asking for prayers for God to intervene in that situation.

Last week in his personal Restoration from Zion ministry letter, Daniel Juster said of his Five Pillars message: "I do now believe that this message is a life message that I am called to spread in every way possible for as long as I live." Juster explained the five major pillars as "the keys to understanding the last days and the return of Yeshua. Now, here is a recent video of Dan Juster teaching on the Five Pillars.

Dan also makes an appeal for donations toward their upcoming ministry trip to Singapore Sept 15-20. "...we still need to raise $4,000 to cover expenses. This trip to Singapore is part of the preparation for an international convocation in Jerusalem in 2022 under the Towards Jerusalem Council II project." They pay their own expenses to participate in this work.

Eric Benson is the head of the House of Victory ministry that was established out of the Carmel congregation years ago by David Davis. Benson sends news of a heartening kind involving the two olive trees that were planted in memorial of Davis' passing - the two olive trees representing the "one new man". You can read this and all the personal testimonies of the men that the Beit Nitzachon ministers to by subscribing directly to their  prayer letter, or through my Weekly Summary subscription.

Intercessors for Israel's Chuck Cohen sends Friday Prayer Points  8/23/2019 for Israel's current government, Elections, Security re:Gaza, Judea & Samaria, Lebanon/Syria, Iran, Aliyah, the Israeli body of Messiah

Ron Cantor is hardly new to this prayer list but these were interesting so here is a little about Ron giving his ministry history and also a super short list of resources, like an episode from his GOD TV Out of Zion program;  a video about the last tour of Israel they conducted;  from his books read two chapters of Identity Theft and also 2 from Leave Me Alone—I'm Jewish; his blog and ALL of our videos

Also I thought this from another email of Ron's (he is prolific!) was really IMPORTANT:  "I believe with all my heart that the issue of Israel will be as divisive as abortion in the end-times. Yeshua is not returning for an anti-Semitic bride. Now, we see how two Muslim women have hijacked the democratic party. Despite their history of anti-Semitic tweets and comments, the Democratic party refuses to rebuke them, and is now defending them. Israel has always enjoyed broad support from both Republicans and Democrats, but it seems things are shifting. We must pray!"

A few months ago Martin Sarvis sent in an email that they were going to be doing their ministry letters differently going forward and this week we have received a taste of new way forward in the form of "A Word of Encouragement from Norma for 5780 | 5780-5789 | A Decade for Declaration". In the past you probably have not received much input from Norma in this prayer summary because it has mainly been the excellent news analysis and Torah readings from Martin, but Norma is a "mother in Israel" and has been a major spiritual contributor to many things going on in the Land from the Katzir youth camps to women's gatherings. In this ministry letter Norma gives her spiritual insights into the decade we are about to enter into in the Hebrew year 5780 at Rosh haShanah. The Hebrew letter for “80” is פ – pronounced peh.  Besides spelling the 18th letter of the alphabet, peh is also the Hebrew word for mouth! So the decade of the "80's" will be a decade with emphasis on what we declare with our mouths, what we speak, what we say, will be key for victory and for advancing the Kingdom.

Israel Pochtar wrote something about their AWAKE Israeli Youth Conference that hit me as super important: " is really up to us to decide how to best invest in our young people: we can either equip them for the battles ahead, or we can choose to ignore the tremendous need of this nation's youth... for which this country will pay later. We made sure to align our vision and our heart with God's; by sowing into our youth."

Donna: That is true for all of us, but the rubber really meets the road in Israel which is why you see children graduating from high school there and going right into places of responsibility greater than themselves in mandatory service in the Israeli military — boys and girls. In the US, children are infantilized until they are well past college age, but in Israel the existence of the nation depends on them stepping up to adult responsibility at the real end of childhood. This is my soapbox, but I believe if we seed financial support into the programs like this for Israeli young people - all the camps, programs and fellowships with this type of vision for strengthening the young Messianic believers to take their places valiantly and spiritually in heart-sync with God, it is also releasing a blessing to our own children and grandchildren. ("I will bless those that bless you")

Pochtar also wrote about a new home group for pre-teens and their First Time to School in Israel - Children's Project aimed at blessing especially children of newly immigrated families Donate here

In the Revive Israel letter this week Asher Intrater writes about the Five Big “All’s” that are major trends as we move into the End Times. (Ironically I've had a start on the 6 times Paul said, "I would not have you ignorant"... shares some similar ground).

Also videos in Revive:  Dan Juster's Failure to Govern, Cody Archer & Asher Progression of Apostles in the New Covenant and a report from the Return to Zion Haifa (Eagle) Nesher Project for raising up young people as the next generation of leaders in Israel.

From A report on the Second All Israel Conference held in Singapore: Building spiritual bridges; also One for Israel answers the question "unlike most Western countries, you will not find a single Messianic congregation that supports gay marriage in the whole of Israel. Why is that?" in Israel and homosexuality

On Facebook One for Israel had an article of great interest to me The Symbolism Of Figs In The Bible, because I have a blog called Fruit of the Fig Tree based Proverbs 28:18 "Whoever keeps the fig tree will eat its fruit". It is an expectation of my ministry that this is a promise from God. There is FRUIT to be eaten from the fig tree - which I see as the redeemed Remnant of Israel -- spiritual fruit that is available from that source, but only to the Christians who are keeping, tending, guarding, caring, nurturing the redeemed Remnant of Israel are able to eat the fruit from them. This is spiritual fruit that God has given to the whole body of the LORD in the earth, but to eat of it, we have to become one new man which means Christians have to receive the fruit by keeping, tending, guarding, caring, nurturing the redeemed Remnant of Israel.

Joel Jelski, who is now with Tikkun Ministries and working under the mentoring of Eitan Shishkoff in northern Israel, writes about his summer in North America traveling with Eitan for Fields of Wheat, visiting with his wife's family in Mexico...a blessed time, he writes. He also catches us up to date on the last Katzir Youth Camp of which he is an alumni who is now leading the camps forward under Eitan's oversight for a new generation of Israeli teens. He is back to preparations for the Olive Tree Discipleship program and tells us a little about doing an outreach for Syrian refugees in another Middle Eastern state. Joel is another of those promising young adults who have shown themselves to be chosen by God for the work of the ministry from the time they were teens into raising their own families. Thank God for all the Israeli ministries have done in emphasizing spiritual ministry to their own young people.

Howard Bass at the Yeshua's Inheritance congregation in Beer Sheva also writes about the summer camps for their young people coming to an end and hearing testimonies from them as they now make preparations for the next phase of their lives. He asks that prayers be made for them to be led by the Holy Spirit in all their choices and decisions.  He also writes, " This Shabbat weekend, 23 of the young adults are spending the time together at one of the beaches on the Mediterranean coast near Ashkelon, accompanied by the Chapman family of seven more who have been very active and influential in building up the lives of many of them.  Randi and I are very encouraged to hear from a some of these key people that they sense a calling to remain in Beer Sheva, and we pray also at what has been their home congregation growing up together.  Humanly speaking, the future of the congregation somewhat depends on this. Please continue to keep this in your prayers until the work is done. Also a new writing from Howard regarding all the recent funerals.

Hasdey Yeshua in Arad write about the Hassidic sect attempting to take over public bomb shelters that when not utilized for war serve as use for clubs and other activities. They see these shelters as as potential free synagogues and yeshivas (the city pays all the utilities) and have been aggressively trying to take over possession of many. It has been a real battle for the Arad city hall and police to deal with and it gives you insight into the mindset of the religious group: they see Arad as belonging to them and hold all others in disdain, especially including the Messianic believers there. This is why we have seen so much trouble in Arad over the past 20 years. Pray for the spiritually blind religious Jews and prayer for God to limit their power as this congregation well notes: this "cult reaches up to the highest levels of government" (specifically Ya’akov Litzman, self-proclaimed leader of the Gur in Arad and Aryeh Deri, "the Interior Minister and he hates believers, especially Messianic Jews.  We need a breakthrough ...a thorough change in the government to allow Jewish believers to come home and to allow cities like Arad to flourish." 

They ask prayers also for their Bedouin outreaches - God is visiting some of the women with dreams of Yeshua.

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer the Israeli believers who are fighting for their lives or other urgent health needs:  
CONTINUE to PRAY for the urgent healing needs of Jacob Damkani | Ronit Bender sends this update:  My cough is gone mostly, my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine. I totally have peace about my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. I am very grateful they let me travel in October and November both to Australia and Holland. Please continue to pray for Ronit | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, because of a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should, was advised by a specialist in case of injuries, he could lose his leg because of the blood flow issues. Shlomy has to wrap his legs daily because of the blood flow issues. Please pray for Shlomy | Ruth Nessim has recovered from a strong 2-month bout with Sciatica, but her most critical prayer need which she says may required an operation. Please pray for Ruth in Nahariya| Olga Bikas’s health condition that seems to have become chronic, with no hope from the doctors for any improvement in the future. This, no doubt, puts an additional emotional and physical burden on our family. Please pray for her acute back pain. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

Calev Myers ARISE Special EventThis one is in Dallas but contact Calev if you are interested in hosting one in your area

Dallas-Fort Worth | This is a special event that is being brought to you by Israeli Messianic attorney Calev Myers' organization called ARISE. 

Thursday, September 12th, including a lecture and tactical demonstration from a leading Israeli anti-terrorism expert. Learn practical steps you can take to keep your family safe in public space such as churches and synagogues.

Hear from ARISE founder Calev Myers on updates from Israel, the details of this year's Tel Aviv business summit, and discover how you can be a part of strengthening the US-Israel relationship by joining the alliance!  You need to RSVP but the event itself is free | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM 9/12 | Gilley's Dallas (Loft) | 1135 South Lamar Street | Dallas, TX 75215

Calev said about other areas:  We are doing 4 events in September. 1 in Dallas and 3 in Colorado. Information for each one is on our homepage. We will do similar events in other cities in the future, so if someone is interested in hosting one, I’d love to be in contact and start that conversation.

Donna Diorio or

THANK YOU to those who have considered this ministry worthy of financial support.

Donations appreciated | 
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Conflict & Justice Arrows From Zion 8 21 2019

This generation of Christians have left their believer parents views of what is right and wrong in favor of the hit & miss definitions of "Social Justice" according to their Millennial peer group. If there was ever a time for us to take hold of principles of true social justice as God described in detail in the Hebrew Scripture, this is such a time. Dan Juster's book is for such a time as this.

Self Definition and (Social) Justice
by Daniel Juster 

We are witnessing a perfect storm of moral and social destruction in the West.  Combinations of philosophies that have gained control over the culture forming institutions in society (media, entertainment, and education) now combine post modern relativistic philosophy and neo Marxist analysis to destroy the historic consensus of morals and ethics. 

It is well to note the influence of the two schools of philosophy, the Frankfurt Critical School and the French Post Modernism School. Both have terrible consequences for sexual morality in our societies. While the Frankfurt school is a complex phenomenon often over simplified by popular critics, the effect on society can be summarized.  It seeks to deconstruct social institutions, historical norms and even history writing and literature. Generally, all is understood in terms of the oppressor and the oppressed. Who are the oppressed? Any who are not free to live out their lives according to their desires as long as others are free to live out theirs without oppression. It is more than the oppression of the working class by the capitalists.  It includes the oppression of the homosexuals by the straights or minority groups by the majority. It can be the oppression of one ethnic group by another.
Post modernism gives us relativism in spades. There is no objective basis for moral and ethical norms, but such norms are social and individual preferences. Harkening back to existentialism, it is taught that there is no essential nature to human beings, but human beings choose to make themselves according to their preferences. The contradiction of relativists then making absolute statements on justice and morals is so blatant.  But contradiction does not matter. It is a power assertion and propaganda for what the relativists desire and their attempt to re-make the society according to their desires and vision.
When people speak of justice in the political and social debates of our times, though they may not know of the assumptions from which they speak, analysis shows a leveling equality orientation behind the false definitions.  See my new book Social Justice for greater clarity on definitions of justice and the applications. 
For example, as Mike Brown points out in his books, the gay movement leaders know that there is no essential genetic basis for homosexual orientations. They only posit such for the sake of straights and for influence into the traditional oriented cultures to change their views. They have been effective in some religious communities by this means. But they really know that though there may be desires that are deep rooted (and sometimes such desires are not deep rooted) the main issue of morality for them is the right of all to self-define sexually. Any other orientation is oppressive. 
So sexual morality is defined as non-compulsion and the societal embrace of whatever consenting adults want (whatever makes you happy!) Anything that does not allow such self-defining is oppressive and any criticism of the self-defined is hate speech. Vilification can thus end debate and move the social ball forward to their advantage. From this point of view, one can be heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual, poly- amorous, polygamous, transvestite, and can choose lasting commitments or only fleeting engagements.  For some there is sexual fluidity, like New York Mayor Bill DE Blasio’s wife, who says she was a lesbian but has become a heterosexual.
Those Christians who are trying to be more tolerant in this culture are giving up the battle on the basic worldview assumption level. The people who profess lifestyles of aberration by traditional standards, do not believe the fundamental assertions of the Bible. This includes that God made us male and female, with foundational physical nature of male and female which is to be completed by living consistently in the soul realm in accord with that physical nature. That nature permeates every cell with either a male or female genetic code, xy or xx.
Then the Bible makes it clear that His norm since the coming of Yeshua the Messiah and King, is monogamous marriage between a man and a woman as the only legitimate sexual expression. We may defend civil rights at a basic level for those who do not embrace Biblical norms, including rights in employment, public services etc. This is not to compromise religious freedom where artistic businesses are free to not engage in fostering behavior they consider sin, or the freedom of a businessman or corporation to support religious organizations that foster traditional morality without being accused of hate or being discriminated against in seeking government concessions and contracts. (Note Chick Fil A in this regard at the San Antonio Airport and on campuses). 
Yet, it is a shame that society has not recognized traditional marriage and the family as a building block of society and has given up uniquely endorsing such. The LGBTQ battle against traditional morality, are with abortion rights, the defining moral issues of our age.  If we lose this battle and it seems we are losing, the level of destruction in the lives of people is incalculable.
This article is but a taste of the wisdom in Dan Juster's new book, Social Justice. "Social Justice, as a concept, mostly refers to all members of a society getting a just deal in provision and opportunity. As contrasted to legal justice before courts, where there is just restitution for crimes, resolution of conflicting claims for pay, inheritance and punishment for crimes, social justice is very connected to economic justice. Deuteronomy 17:10 affirms, Justice and only justice your are to pursue.
As Dr. Michael Brown wrote about it, "At last! A voice of sanity and clarity in the midst of today's social justice craze....Bringing theological depth, solid biblical thinking, and a heart for the marginalized, Dan offers us a clear and concise guide to a complex and divisive issue." 

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Rachel & Gilad Netanel of Beit HaNetanel (The House God Gave) send an update on their on-going conflict with the religious muslim authorities, the Waqf. This time they dumped 200 sacks of garbage on the path to her house. They claim no one is allowed to walk there because it has a grave, so is a Muslim holy site. (Garbage dump, okay; people walking on the path, not okay.) This brought them all before a judge for arbitration and during the explanation of the sides of the story, Rachel was able to speak to the judge about the real reason they are kicking up a fuss: Her Messianic faith in Yeshua. The judge didn’t know what that was and wanted to know more. In the end he ordered the Muslims to clean up the garbage, they refused and so now it means further attorney fees to represent their case in a full scale lawsuit. Pray for God’s help on the money needed to defend their rights, as that is the walkway that many Israelis have tread to come hear about Yeshua. This house is an evangelistic tool being used to the utmost. Pray for God’s intervention and provision.  The Netanel’s share about their work in Zukim in the Negev, and also a new believer who has recently been baptized by Gilad. Plus witnessing on their 3-day getaway trip to Greece. Rachel loves to tell the story of God’s love to her people. Pray also for their health and refreshing, as ministering in two places has taken a lot of energy.

Daniel and Patty Juster write in their personal ministry letter, Restoration from Zion, about their time ministering in the United States, and how they have now returned to Israel. I think I am probably about the same age as the Juster’s and I honestly do not know how they keep up with all the international travel and ministry they do. Please pray for their health, strength, rest, refreshing and anointing on all they do. Dan writes how in Atlanta, “I spoke on the Five Pillars and it was wonderfully received.  I do now believe that this message is a life message that I am called to spread in every way possible for as long as I live.” Pray for the health and strength of Moses, the anointing of Paul and the promised provision of the nations to fund all this ministry pouring out of the Juster’s lives. (Also for the two new books Dan has just published, and all the writing he is doing on Facebook and articles to bless the body.) shares new articles and videos each week from the Israeli ministries; here are a few that caught my eye:  Anti-missionaries publish incendiary article against Messianic couple | Kehila Staff | Arutz7 – an Orthodox news website ran an incendiary article about a Messianic couple that has led to a police complaint against them 
     VIDEO: Psalm 111/112 (Live in studio) | Miqedem
Richard writes, "Recently the daughter of our close friends, Esther, had died of cancer as a young adult. Before she died she had been sent by Jesus to tell her family and friends a Word from Jesus, that what is so much more important to Him is not our great attainments for Him..." 

This week I am introducing a ministry new to my list, a Chosen People ministry, Jason and Janice Rose in Tel Aviv. Jason is also a tour guide, a father to five young boys and is asking this week for prayers over their new outreach. See more at
our Chosen People Ministries Staff Page

Guy and Tali Cohen and family have been visiting Vilnuis, Lithuania where Tali’s grandmother and her family lived 70 years ago. Only two people of Tali’s family remained alive after World War II. These are the streets where she played as a child and now we are here visiting with the great grandchildren of Tali's grandmother. As Guy writes, it is good to “know where you came from” and also “Thank God that Am Israel Chai (the nation of Israel Lives)”
Maoz Ministries, Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram, and Kobi & Shani Ferguson write, In the last 12 months, you have helped us participate in 12 major projects and programs of Israeli ministries all over Israel ... We are busy – making believers strong in Israel. In the last twelve months, with your help, we have invested $765,000 in these outreach opportunities. And together we have changed lives! When you give to Maoz Israel ministries, you are part of what God is doing in Israel today. And you are certainly laying up treasures in heaven.

Founder Eitan Shishkoff shares a report on the latest gathering of the KATZIR (Harvest) Natl Messianic Youth Ministry. (3 youth camps annually). He writes, “It’s hitting me while worshiping with some 70 youth from all over Israel, at the conclusion of our summer conference. These kids are faced with a tsunami of alternative identities. And all but one of them lead to a dead end—even literally. The one identity, the one true person they really are, is only discoverable through an intimate, real, full-on, love relationship with their Creator—who also redeemed each of them through the atoning power of His blood. Joel (Jelski) is closing the final message from the week-long series on the Sermon on the Mount. He’s inviting the youth forward to get rid of whatever blocks their relationship w/God….Teenage men and women hold their heads in their hands, soberly considering their lives before God in prolonged prayer.”  Continue to pray for the incredible investment that has been made over many years in the youth by Katzir, and consider becoming a partner with them in it.

I have often heard that in missions giving people are more motivated by projects rather than regular giving to specific ministries. That is one reason that I emphasize so many of the projects that the Israeli ministries are undertaking throughout the year. However, I do believe it is a huge mistake in missions giving in support of Israel to be completely project-oriented rather than simply honoring the Father’s desire for us to materially support the Gospel-sharing of Israeli ministries. That is the ultimate ‘project’ that God is requiring of us in this hour, everything else is a pale effort in comparison.
Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel and Voice of Judah network sends a report on the 21-days of Prayer that their Ashdod congregation is in the midst of. (Psalm 61:1-3) Pochtar writes, “There are things that God is doing, or wants to do in your life, that place or state that only He can bring you to, something you wouldn't be able to do on your own.” Amen! Israel also gives a good report on ten baptisms recently following their Aleph Discipleship Course which is also offered to seekers, not-yet-believers. There are many different ways that what we might be used to that the Israeli ministries are finding great effectiveness with, and Israel Pochtar’s outreaches and humanitarian work is quite diverse. They are also in the final stretch of the Children's Back to School Project Learn more here

Chuck Cohen of Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem shares their Friday Prayer Points  Aug 16, 2019 Praise: Starting with this Shabbat, the prophetic portions until the fall feasts are known as the Shabbats of consolation or comfort. The reading for this weekend is Isaiah 40:1-26.
Asher Intrater’s ministry August Revive Israel Team Report Update can be read online. It includes the Brazil Trip Report. Also 2 videos:  The Isaiah 19 Highway is Open! And Outreach: Who Sets the Agenda? Plus the Nesher (Eagle) Project 
Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

CONTINUE to PRAY for the urgent healing needs of Jacob Damkani | Ronit Bender sends this update:  My cough is gone mostly, my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine. I totally have peace about
my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. I am very grateful they let me travel in October and November both to Australia and Holland. Please continue to pray for Ronit | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, because of a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should, was advised by a specialist in case of injuries, he could lose his leg because of the blood flow issues. Shlomy has to wrap his legs daily because of the blood flow issues. Please pray for Shlomy | Ruth Nessim has recovered from a strong 2-month bout with Sciatica, but her most critical prayer need which she says may required an operation. Please pray for Ruth in Nahariya| Olga Bikas’s health condition that seems to have become chronic, with no hope from the doctors for any improvement in the future. This, no doubt, puts an additional emotional and physical burden on our family. Please pray for her acute back
pain. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

Conflict: At the Intersection of Israel-support & Terrorism
by Donna Diorio

I have followed and studied Islamist fundamentalist terrorism since the 1980's because I support Israel and Islamist terrorism is the number one enemy Israel has faced. I watched how Yassar Arafat played at political jihad, acting as if his stripes had changed from being a PLO terrorist to being an international diplomat and political leader of the Palestinian people.

His was always a carrot and stick approach: the carrot was not real but merely a political front to give the nations a reason to tell Israel they had to give more and more concessions because he was the only "peace partner" they had. The stick, of course, was Arafat giving "the green light" to release the jackals of his terrorist troops against Israel whenever Arafat decided them needed to be terrified and softened up Israelis into giving into him.

Then in the early 1990's I was also watching when several organizations popped up on the scene that translated what the Palestinians were saying to their people versus what they were telling the Western world. Really dramatic documentary evidence of how they just told the West what everyone wanted to hear but to their own people it was just the opposite: continual incitement to hatred and bloody murder against Jews.

Political Islam the art of war using deception; that's not me saying it, that was FBI wiretapped trial evidence in the Holy Land Foundation trials. Political Islam is just about getting as many concessions as possible while hoodwinking everyone that the end goal is not total fundamentalist Islamic domination. It is about convincing everyone that Islamists are the "victims," the underdogs, not the aggressors that they in fact are. Political Islam is the literal wolf in sheep's clothing.
Now what used to only plague Israel has spilled out across the Western world. It had to come to that according to the principle of sowing and reaping. International leaders were willing to play dumb about the true jihad intentions of 'political Islam' against Israel. They knew better but pretended that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict was just a spat between two rivals instead of what it was: a jihad terrorist commitment to wipe Israel off the map.

Even when terrorism began taking place in Europe, against non-Jewish targets, international leaders were so married to their idea of closed a blind eye to the terrorism against Israel to protect themselves that they continued to say terrorism against Israel was "different" than terrorism against their people and nation! Slow learners or just completely deceived? 
Just in the past week it has come out that France agreed in 1982 not to target Palestinian terrorists who killed French Jews in Paris if the Palestinian terrorists refrained from carrying out further attacks on French soil.  It would not surprise me if other nations cut the same deal, because they have never done the right thing by Israel and allowed lies about Israel to be foisted on the world. That hope of protecting themselves is now beginning to evaporate into thin air, but it has not caused them to repent of their false dealing with Israel.

Of course weakness does not work with bloodthirsty Islamists, so here we are in 2019 with most of the European nations overwhelmed with the Islamist takeover of their nations. The USA also sees (not quite yet fully sees) how we are up to our necks in the takeover too. For brazen Islamists like Tlaib and Omar to be sitting in American Congress driving their anti-Israel, anti-Jew propaganda across the United States is a sign of just how far gone we actually are.
Let's not forget Linda Sarsour, face of American Feminism, of all things! That has got to be the ultimate deception. What is more oppressive of women than fundamentalist Islam?  But that is how Islamists have created "intersectionality" with godless Leftist political activist groups. Not that American Jews or many Israeli Jews can see it, but President Trump has been a containment factor sent from Heaven over all these enemies of God and His people. 

If America does not wake up to the predicament we are sitting in, then our future is going to look more and more like what has engulfed the UK and Europe. No-Go Zones that were vehemently denied by nations and news media only a few years ago are now acknowledged, at least by the nations who are desperate to turn the hostile takeover around. The USA has our own regional (almost) No-Go Zones. These are districts that elected Tlaib & Omar. Areas where the police will arrest Christian street evangelists because Islam does not allow freedom of speech in their districts. In some New York City boroughs there are already city-funded 'Sharia patrols'. 
Some might accuse me of being an "Islamophobe," but I'm not; and this is not about your good Muslim friend. There are MANY good Muslims out there, they came to America to live free of the oppression of Islamists in their homeland. But the fundamentalist Muslims also dominate the good Muslims in the same way they dominate everyone else, through deception, lies, coercion and threat.

The news media do not give much platform to the spokespeople of good Islam, but rather they give it to the political jihadists like CAIR and anti-American, anti-Jew and anti-Israel congress people like Tlaib and Omar. Meanwhile, from the American campuses into our political mainstream, radical Islamist representatives like Rashida Tlaib have learned the lessons of forming alliances with other protest activist groups in the United States and the tactics these groups use have become interchangeable just like how they share each other's enemies. Islamists hate Jews, so Black Lives Matter back them up. It's been the Islamist strategy for gaining support in the American public.
For example, this was discussed in the strategy sessions of Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood affiliates who met in 1993 to lay out a road map to overthrow the Oslo Peace agreement with Israel, to misrepresent Hamas to the American people, and generally how to win Americans to their side of the conflict with Israel by with deception. In that meeting they actually discussed campus alignment with grievance activist groups even mentioning the "no justice, no peace" slogan! this is documented in the trial evidence of the Holy Land Foundation 5.

We didn't elect Tlaib and Omar but their districts did; Omar's little Somalia and Tlaib's Detroit district that includes Dearborn . There were many warnings going out over a decade ago about allowing Muslim nations to import radical Islamist doctrine in the US by building the mega-mosques in areas that did not have enough Muslims to even support such a massive mosque. The mosque was a hub-magnet to draw certain sects of Islam to an area. How do you think No-Go-Zones are created? It is around a hub mosque teaching radical Islam.
This is why US officials were foolish to allow foreign interests to build mega mosques in areas with few Muslims in order to create hub-cities where clusters were drawn to live. This was the beginning stages of US "no go zones". And still most of America has no idea how we got here much less how do we get out of this tightening python stranglehold.

Why have I spent so much time on such an un-spiritual topic as terrorism? Because Islamist terrorism is a Book of Revelation-level "Beast" enemy. It is part of the end times war we are in, at least that is my firm belief, and we better be able to tell the difference between the facts and the deceptions that are being presented to the public. It is important to be aware how much deception is involved in terrorism tactics so we can fight the good fight of faith against it.

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