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Paul's Prophetic Model Arrows from Zion 3/25/2020

Paul's Prophetic Model
Here's what got me excited!(Ron Cantor writes about Agabus)
by Donna Diorio

This morning I tuned into a Facebook live broadcast that Ron Cantor was doing for Tikkun Global called, Israel in Crisis. I got so excited when Ron mentioned the passage in Acts 11 when a prophet named Agabus came to Antioch and prophesied that there was going to be a worldwide famine. That prophetic word was acted on immediately by the disciples taking up a collection to be conveyed to Israel to the leaders of the believers in Jerusalem. 

View Ron's message here


Why should that excite me? Like I said, I have been carrying a revelation about that since the 1990's and in all the time since then God has continued to open my eyes to many other things related to it from the Scriptures. It is the very basis of this ministry letter.

Later Ron sent out a weekly Tikkun email where he also wrote briefly about some of the things he discussed in the Facebook broad cast. Here is what he wrote:

"I found myself in tears several times yesterday, when I thought about the economic hardship that many are going to experience because of COVID-19 and then this came out: The whole world is being tested at this moment. And the test is whether or not we are going to hoard or sacrifice to help each other.

We need to raise funds for those who have lost their jobs. We need to stand with each other in this crisis. I don't know about you, but if the US government sends me $1,000 (I am still a US citizen, though I live in Israel), I am going to donate it to those who are in need. I urge everyone who will receive a government check, to do the same if they do not need the money.

More than likely the economic impact of this is going to be devastating, but we have an all-seeing God who can take care of us. But what will He see? Selfishness or selflessness? Jesus asked, “When the Son of man comes will he find faith in the earth?" One way we express faith is by helping others out of our own need. This is a time to give, not hoard. And God will take care of the rest.

Instead of giving to Tikkun this week, we have set up a special fund as part of #IamwithIsrael, to assist Israelis all over this country. We are already feeling the effects of this economic shutdown. Please consider a special emergency gift to help individual Israelis (Holocaust survivors, Seniors, and those who have lost their jobs)—believers and nonbelievers. It is our time to be a light to this nation. Thank you.

That is EXACTLY like what was happening when Agabus prophesied in Antioch about a worldwide famine and inexplicably, the saints there in the churches took up a donation "each according to his own ability, determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea."

Notice that is a key point in what Ron is proposing that people give out of what they have, not out of what is beyond your ability. The idea is straight out of 2 Corinthians 8:13, "Our desire is not that others might be relieved while you are hard pressed, but that there might be equality."

As I said, I begin to get revelation on these things in scripture in the early 1990's. In May 2001 I started writing a book about it to track everything. In August of that same year I started the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests from Israeli Ministries because it was my desire that what I had seen should be seen by Christians all over the world. I wrote about it many times over the past nearly 19 years of doing the Israelprayer summary, Arrows from Zion, my website, blogs and Facebook posts.

Never has it struck me as more timely to get this word out, because of the pandemic we are going through worldwide because the concept of Paul's prophetic model has never been clearer in real time that it is right now. That's my I would love for you to read two of my articles that are excerpts from the whole book, which will have to be re-written and becomes a hotter priority for me to get done.  

On the prophetic modeling see this excerpt article that I just uploaded to my Fruit of the Fig Tree blog, and it is called The Event that Set Paul on the Road to Jerusalem, written in May 2007 with some editorial tinker by me today. Also on Facebook here. Get the introductory paragraphs at the bottom of this email for a taste of the content.

The second article is found on Facebook written in November 2017 and called We Three Kings of Orient Are (click title to read it at the Fig Tree blog). I would love to hear from you what you think about these two excerpts.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

First up Avi Mizrachi for Dugit Ministries talks about a very important meeting in Dec 2019, Welcoming the King of Glory, where representatives from the nations - many indigenous S Pacific, came together at the invitation of Israeli ministry leaders for a time of prophetic repentance and one new man unity. Avi talks about the key places they went, repentance, declarations for unity in welcoming the bridegroom.

Avi also writes, " Now after all of this had happened we have felt a shift in the body of Messiah in Israel and around the world. We felt that the local Israeli believers had taken their rightful place as the elder brother (not better brother). We were able to embrace the nations after being far off for so long. We had to grow into maturity and come into our rightful place where we were praying for the salvation of our own people.... Prophetically, I believe the Lord is saying that He is shaking the world. He is shaking everything that is not of Him." You can find the whole report on this Facebook permanent link.

Howard Bass writes from Beer Sheva that they have also gone to taping 'virtual' Shabbat service as Israel has moved into super strict lockdown. They are also planning to use Zoom to "connect with the children, so that the teachers can interact with them for their classes. We'll see, praying for the Lord's help and wisdom as to how to carry on. We want to, as much as possible, maintain the sense of identity and unity as a congregation." Like so many of us, Howard also believes we are entering into the last years of the age: "Life will certainly not be normal then [when the Corona pandemic has passed], just as a woman beginning her birth-pains knows that there is no going back, and the hardest part is still coming before the joyful glory on the other side of it.... This situation is spurring us to think about the future in terms of 'not forsaking assembling together, as many do, especially as the Day approaches'."

Revive Israel's Asher Intrater writes a Summary of End Times – Part 1. YouTube VIDEO If you missed the Global webcast on 3/18 of worship, prayer and teaching - very uplifting! Also Asher video on the Synergy of how you can do more in ministry by combining your energy with that of others. Also videos on Facebook worth tracking down: Israel in Crisis above that Ron Cantor did, and earlier this week Ron and Asher talked the Coronavirus and Israeli Politics. Then today, Wed morning, there was a live worship and teaching time again at Revive with Asher Intrater which was quite uplifting.

Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem Chuck Cohen writes, " Often what God does, or does not do, or what He allows, or does not allow, differs from what we would expect, yet we can trust Him because His essential nature never changes." On the subject of Israel & the Coronavirus " It is amazing how suddenly this virus has dominated the world's attention and impacted all of our lives. It is the main headline news in Israel and probably in most other nations. The numbers who die or are infected are updated constantly. As this virus can attack anyone all of humanity has been drawn into this war together. Yet what this means prophetically, we can only guess at as we watch the headlines and pray in alignment with God's lines – His Word." See all Friday Prayer Points 3/20/20 online

From the Messianic news site for the congregations of Israel, here are several of the current articles of great interest: Ashdod police give Orthodox green light to harass Messianics | Believers in Israel’s travel industry feeling blow of crippling government restrictions | This one is about Dugit Ministries: The Hebrew Meaning of Tel Aviv – Local Ministry Takes New Ground

Ran Silberman is a certified tour guide and also a congregant in the Kehilat HaMaayan in Kfar Saba. (You all know that "Kehilat" means congregation, right?). Israeli tour guides are fountains of biblical knowledge —especially the ones who believe in Messiah Yeshua! (You know that, too, right?) So that is why you will find Ran's new blog article interesting and spiritual: What is behind a pandemic plague?

Israel Pochtar (whose Ashdod congregation is featured in the entry above) writes, "Despite the challenging days we’re living in, we can be encouraged in the fact that we serve an immovable God. His love for us cannot be shaken, nor can His covenant of peace be removed." In focusing on the bright spots, Pochtar wrote about the fruitful annual your conference they held before the quarantine, as well as their Purim events for the children. Now in LOCKDOWN the Ashdod pastor writes about how they are seeking creative solutions to face this season head on. Read it by clicking link. One way they, like so many of the ministries are reaching their congregants and beyond, is via live streaming worship service - theirs is on and you are invited to participate.

This week I watched several of the services that are being stream from Israel. The worship was such a blessing and even though I don't speak Hebrew and only recognize a few word, even those services entirely in Hebrew oddly comforted me - the passion, the simple prayers and presentation. Of course I got a lot more out of the teachings I listened to in English, but I'm just saying that you might be more incredibly blessed to tune into these services even if they aren't in your language, just to soak up the spirit that is radiating from them. I am thinking about the worship service at the Acco Harvest of Asher, that was followed by an impassioned prayer by Guy Cohen. I didn't need to know the words to soak up the spirit and sincerity of his prayer to God.

This is in English: Richard and Carolyn Hyde send an encouraging word in this 5 minute YouTube video.

Marianna Gol, whose Streams in the Negev ministers to widows and orphans, is sending out a Macedonian call — a plea for help to come alongside some of the most vulnerable groups effected by the Coronavirus itself and all the restrictions: single parent homes, the 'elderly', and those with pre-existing medical conditions. " We have a number of moms who are not on salaries, so get no compensation when they don't work.... also have several moms who have illnesses that make them extremely vulnerable (autoimmune diseases, hepatitis, cancer). There are also several of the children who are suffering from illnesses that place them in a 'high risk' category. We are asking that you lift up these moms, children and families to the Lord. We know He will hear your cry (and theirs), and that He will answer!"

Here is the Shabbat services in Acco Harvest of Asher congregation I referred to earlier.

From the Kfar Saba congregation the March Hamaayan Ministry letter is online now.

Rachel Netanel in Ein Karim whose house is in lockdown like everyone else says that even though they can't visit "people are constantly calling and sending WhatsApp messages. These are all non-believers who are afraid  during this pandemic and they want to know more about this peace that Gilad and I share.  So even in the midst of isolation, the Gospel is being preached."

Rachel also sends a plea for prayer for her brother M: who "My brother Meir fell and injured his head.  He is in the hospital and there he contracted pneumonia. His condition is very serious.... Please pray for a miracle. Also pray for his spiritual well-being. I know that at one time he did believe and he was baptized but he has not been walking the walk of faith."

From Gil Afriat at the Tel Aviv Tiferet Yeshua congregation: "We’re experiencing an almost incomprehensible reality today, and the events around us are changing at a dizzying pace. Is God Granting a Special Spirit of Grace? And last week of the bad/sad streets of Tel Aviv With Covid-19 the Poor Are in Crisis. Plus Quarantine - A Sabbath of Solemn Rest | In one fell swoop, our lives have been radically simplified.

Ronit Bender, our friend in Haifa with serious heart issues who is waiting to receive further medical testing in the midst of this Corona lockdown, says, "I asked the Lord how can I be effective from home." She continues, "The world around us is full of fear, dread, depression, anxiety, as the future is unknown. We as believers can shine with confidence, keeping joyful as the joy of the Lord is our strength, and instead of hoarding [toilet paper and groceries] we can give, give and give more! I asked the Lord "How can I be effective from home?!" My days of ministry are outside, talking and listening to people, being light and salt, making them jealous for the Lord we serve. His answer: PRAYER, INTERCESSION, FASTING. These are keys to opening hearts."

From the weekly prayer points from Maoz ministries, I pulled 3 out of the 6 to share in the Weekly Summary version: "Arabs, Jews & the Coronavirus....Perhaps at no time in history has the world been so interconnected and united in fighting the same enemy. This isn’t to say that all nations are cooperating with each other. They do, however, recognize that we are all under the same threat – regardless of race, wealth, or social status. In Israel, this has played out uniquely. The Arab-Israeli population usually get their news and entertainment from other nations in the Middle East. But this crisis requires everyone’s cooperation. So, Arab-Israeli health workers - who have been on the front lines alongside their Jewish colleagues - have taken it upon themselves to flood social media with instructions on how to behave during this crisis. And just like that, the Israeli government became their new source of information. This may seem small, but having a common threat is a dramatic turning point in Jewish-Arab relations." 

They also share about the Arab workers who are having to stay in Israel in order to keep working to receive wages to send home: " Help these employers find suitable housing for their workers. Let these workers go home with a testimony of having been cared for by Israelis. Forbid that employers get away with negligence that is both a danger to their workers and to Israel at large." And they bring up "the reactions of Christians, Muslims, and Jews all over the world in regards to the shuttering of the doors of their places of worship. The severest reactions seem to have come from countries who experience little or no persecution – where somehow, physically attending the weekly service has become the quintessential expression of one’s faith."

Rick Ridings from Succat Hallel shares a vision about the Passover Lamb he had on 3/21

Orna Grinman of A Sign & Example writes in Between Two Altars If the present pandemic would have erupted in the days of Exodus, they would have created some kind of a quarantined section outside the camp. The priests would have examined the state of the patients every few days, and when the symptoms would disappear - they would be sent to the Tabernacle with a suitable sacrifice. 

Happy Prophetic New Year! writes Avner Boskey from David's Tent in the Negev. " The Bible has only one Rosh Hashana (the Head of the Year). According to Moses this Jewish New Year is not in the Fall but in the Spring: Today is the real Jewish New Year The Jewish New Year (which falls this year on the evening of Wednesday March 25) is special. It has a value of its own, and stands totally apart from the Feast of Trumpets, the fifth feast in the calendar cycle (Leviticus 23:23-25). Six historical events of great significance occurred on this date, click to learn more

Ron Cantor writes, "... there are spiritual principles (Genesis 12:3 and Romans 15:27) that teach the idea of blessing Israel in her time of need. I believe this is a huge test for the body of believers: Can we be generous in a time of 'famine'? If we are, I believe God will bless us, but selfishness and hoarding close the faucet of God's blessing. I want to challenge you to send a gift for Israeli families of just $18. It is not a lot of money. In Hebrew, the number 18 (חי) is the symbol for life! Click and sow $18, the equivalent of one meal for an Israeli family. Funds will be distributed through our congregational network here in Israel. In Genesis 26, Isaac sowed during a famine and God blessed him one hundredfold! It takes faith, love and compassion to give when you yourself are hurting. God sees and values greatly this kind of sacrifice! Thank you and may you be blessed beyond measure!"

Dov Bikas of the (Tel) Aviv Ministry and a Russian-speaking messianic congregation in Beer Sheva: We are not allowed to open Aviv Center, but we try to do as much as we can in the present circumstances (and according to the directives of the Ministry of Health), so that the street people do not feel abandoned and forgotten. I am very proud of our volunteers! Despite all the difficulties and dangers, they keep coming in very small groups (no more than 2 people can travel in the car now) to feed the hungry and share the Good News. Please pray for the addicts, as they (both on the streets and in our rehabs) are an especially vulnerable group: their health is very week because of drugs, and most of them have background illnesses. Our rahab center in Beersheva remains full; several days ago we took two new guys, so at present Oleg is taking care of 14 rehabilitants. Please pray for him!"

Dov also gave us a health update on his wife Olga: "she is joking that she has been in a 'quarantine' for 3-5 years already! Indeed, since she became ill [with serious back pain] she has been homebound and can go outside only for very short periods of time. Please keep praying for her." Dov sees the quarantine as a much needed rest for himself, but also a worrying time for the future of the ministry "its financial survival in the context of developing financial crisis.... Please pray. And we are very grateful for all of you who keep supporting our work!"

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs
            URGENT PRAYER NEED from Ronit Bender whose cardiologist told her that her irregular heartbeat is SEVERE, and is suggesting further tests. Please intercede for Ronit: No weapon formed against her shall prosper! | Olga Bikas severe back pain has kept her in "quarantine" for the past 4 years or so! Please pray for God to do a miracle of healing for Olga. | Please pray for Rachel Netanel's brother who is in dire health | Please continue to pray for Jacob Damkani for the LORD's mercies over Jacob and his dear wife, Elisheva  | Continue please to pray for Ruth Nessim Critical prayer need she is losing sight! Prayers for a miracle for Ruth.| Pray for Rania Sayegh who asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing.

To help the family of Bob Knight who was murdered in an attack against wife that he intervened to halt, please help this Messianic family with Fruma Knight's medical recovery from the attack, also with the expenses they have with attorney fees as this sensitive and somewhat complicated investigation (because it involves Messianic believers) goes forward. Daughter and son-in-law, Caren and Klaas Bakker need our help and a
Go Fund Me account for that purpose.

Paul's Prophetic Model

The event that awakened Paul to the need of the Gentile Church to minister to the material needs of the Messianic brethren, started at Antioch! The consecration to God’s purposes took place after Paul and Barnabas’ returned from Jerusalem where they had carried provision for the Israeli brethren for a prophesied famine that was coming on the whole world. Their arrival in Jerusalem had also coincided with great persecution of the believing community and Herod’s execution of the apostle James (brother of John). Herod also arrested Peter.

....What happened there could only be the leading of God to bring Paul into recognition of the mission He was preparing the apostle to carry out.

After Barnabas and Paul had returned together to minister in Antioch: After one year, a prophet from Jerusalem, Agabus, “stood up and showed by the Spirit that there was going to be a great famine throughout the world.”

I want to draw special attention to the fact that the prophesied famine was not only to affect Israel, but would be throughout the known world. Scripture notes that the famine did indeed occur according to the prophetic utterance during the days of Claudius Caesar.

In response to Agabus’ prophecy, we are told, “Then the disciples, each according to his own ability, determined to send relief to the brethren dwelling in Judea. This they did by the hands of Barnabas and Saul.”
Even though the famine would affect the whole known world, the prophetic utterance stirred Gentile believers at Antioch to be especially concerned for the welfare of Jewish believers in Israel.
Why? Not because the Jewish brethren were considered “special” in themselves, but because ... continues on Facebook here or Fig Tree blog here

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