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Light of the World | Arrows from Zion 12/25/2019

Hanukkah & Christmas Overlap 
"The people walking in darkness have seen a great Light"

Light of the World:
The Birth of the Jewish Messiah

by Israel Pochtar

[Today] the whole world will be gathering to celebrate Christmas. It's a wonderful opportunity to remind ourselves that a holiday which often seems so foreign to Jewish people is in actual fact a celebration of many biblical prophecies that speak about the birth of a Jewish Messiah and Savior. The prophet Isaiah clearly prophesied about this very special time of Christmas in Isaiah 9:2-7:
The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
    a light has dawned.
For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government  will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
    Wonderful Counselor,  Mighty God,
    Everlasting  Father,  Prince of Peace.
Of the greatness of his government and peace
    there will be no end.
He will reign on David's throne
    and over his kingdom,
establishing and upholding it
    with justice and righteousness
    from that time on and forever.

How could anyone possibly say it's not a Jewish holiday if it celebrates the birth of our Jewish Messiah, who was born a few miles away from where we write these lines. Yeshua chose to be born here, so it would be impossible to forget that Israel was his homeland, it was here that He chose to reveal Himself to His own brethren - the nation of Israel.
We want to bring back the focus to Him, to the reason we live and breathe and have eternal hope. It was because of what happened over 2000 years ago that we are able to sit together tonight as families and celebrate what Yeshua's birth means to us as Jewish people, as well as the whole world.
Praying you have a WONDER-FULL and blessed time celebrating our Lord! May his light shine brightly in your lives and families, not only today, but every day. Shalom (eternal peace) from Israel!

Thanks also to Marianna Gol of Streams in the Desert
For this poem by Joseph Brodsky, a Russian poet,
who was first imprisoned and then exiled from the Soviet Union.
He became US poet laureate and Nobel prize for literature laureate as well.
Joseph Broadsky was also a believer and wrote this poem in December 1987

In the cold season, in a locality accustomed to heat more than
to cold, to horizontality more than to a mountain,
a child was born in a cave in order to save the world;
it blew as only in deserts in winter it blows, athwart.

To Him, all things seemed enormous: His mother’s breast, the steam
out of the ox’s nostrils, Caspar, Balthazar, Melchior—the team
of Magi, their presents heaped by the door, ajar.
He was but a dot, and a dot was the star.

Keenly, without blinking, through pallid, stray
clouds, upon the child in the manger, from far away—
from the depth of the universe, from its opposite end—the star
was looking into the cave. And that was the Father’s stare.

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Avner Boskey gives us the lay of the land — the back story to the Hanukkah Festival of Lights, a biblical "holiday is mostly unknown to Christians and also to most Jews." He draws the parallel for our own times, with the rising mist of anti-Semitism over against how believers today are like the Maccabees of Hanukkah "But the people who know their God will display strength and take action."  I encourage you to read When glory shatters the night | also his previous related article: Maccabees, wanna-be’s and fake news – the real story of Hanukkah

Avner answers How should we then pray? — Pray for God to pour out the spirit of grace and supplications on Israel during these Hanukkah season (Zechariah 12:10). Pray for the God of Jacob to reveal His Last Days strategy of Ezekiel’s army to many in Israel. Pray for divine courage to be restored to the beleaguered Jewish people throughout the earth. Pray for the raising up of Ezekiel’s prophetic Jewish army throughout the earth.

Shani Ferguson writing the weekly pray letter begins with "Poor little town of Bethlehem" laser pointing to the "deliberate agenda was set in place to radicalize the children" of now Muslim-majority towns of Bethlehem and Nazareth. The Arab Christians who used to live there have fled. Prayer is asked for God to deliver Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank from the leaders who are abusing them by teaching them to hate and destroy. Their leaders steal from the billions that have been poured in to help the Palestinian people, who live in poverty with little opportunity for anything better. "Continue to bring about unity for Jewish and Arab believers and provide opportunities to work together. Let Israeli Jews recognize the supernatural nature of this unity."

The Maoz prayer requests also includes: " U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive order this week that threatens to withhold federal money from universities that fail to combat anti-Semitism on campus. The order comes as the BDS Sanctions movement against Israel is on the rise and has influenced several campuses across America. U.S. campuses have not only become a “safe-place” for left wing causes but a breeding ground to turn young students against Israel—America’s closest ally. We have not yet seen the full impact from students who have attended and become indoctrinated in recent years. But we are seeing the constant trickle of attacks against Jews increase. Thank You for those who are willing to stand up for Israel against injustice. Plus many other prayer ways to pray over this and also the 3rd Israeli elections, Gaza Security and Hanukkah.

From the Hands of Mercy/Tents of Victory team, the commitment to continue on in the legacy left by the passing of Yeshi Reinhardt to Yariv Goldman — to "rescue and restore the lives of the 'lost sheep of Israel' and comfort His people." Whether in S'derot to the missile-traumatized citizens or ministering in Jerusalem to those who have left the insular religious communities, the team is pressing into the harvest and deeply grateful for your generous support. Can you help in 2020 by donating to their crowdfunding campaign?

From Intercessors for Israel in Jerusalem, Chuck Cohen's Friday Prayer Points 12/20/2019. Also The IFI International Prayer conference in Jeruslam is quickly coming up 1/20-27 with a post-conference tour from 1/27 thru 2/1. Click here for booking.

Just have to highlight: #10 prayer point: Chanukah and Christmas occur in conjunction with each other this year. The common thread – besides the fact that both celebrate Jewish events that occur in the Land of Israel – is light. This is a wonderful time to ask God to send the Light of the World, Messiah Yeshua, to enlighten the hearts and minds of many of His chosen people. "For my eyes have seen Your salvation, which You have prepared before the presence of all people – a light to give revelation to the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel!" Luke 2:30-32  Lord Yeshua, wake up Your Body to see how "kosher" the birth narratives are. Show them that if You were not faithful to Your promises to Israel – Yeshua would not have been born

Evan Glasser who leads the HaTikva Project writes about their HaTikva Dental clinics, HaTikva Aid for Israeli believers in the midst of financial crisis, and HaTikva Families for adoption and fostering. "Help us Expand."

Ron Cantor writes for Tikkun Global about the move of their US offices from Maryland to Dallas - new address PO Box 535157 Grand Prairie TX 75053 for donations, correspondence and emissaries laboring in Israel. The move has been costly but it will save money in the long run. If you can help now, a special gift to get them over to the new year will greatly help.

Also remember that GOD TV has a matching funds in place up to $50K to bless the Tikkun Israel Ministries in specific projects. Ron reports in another email that they have one week left to raise $25,000 for it to be doubled. click to donate

New baby boy in the Malespin houselhold & the Aliyah Return Center is dedicating its New Olim Home Friday Dec 27 at 12 noon. Admission is free, lighting the candles & food for purchase...also asking for help for the in Year End Giving Your donation is 100% USA Tax deductible

Ron Cantor writes "It is time for me to confess! I have been hiding it too long: I love Christmas music!" Hymns like What Child is This? and Oh, Come all ye faithful, but especially O come, Emmanuel. Ron also writes about the birthplace of Yeshua: "What if the traditional spot in Bethlehem is not where Yeshua was born? What if it was just over the hill in the Israeli-controlled area. A few years ago I was invited to tour this area. I was very skeptical. I was merely tolerating my host. That is, until I was looking straight into a cave near Ramat Rachel (I don't want to give the exact location) where baby lambs would have been born and a holy awe came over me, as tears filled my eyes. Was I looking at the very spot where Yeshua was born? I think maybe. Want to see the alternative Bethlehem? Join us on our May 2020 Tour "

Sally Shiff, from the HaMaayan congregation in Kfar Saba has had a great year "Meeting new friends as I did on my last trip to the United States and receiving answered prayers that have been waiting for years to happen." One of those is the conference in America to teach other intercessors some basic foundations of how to pray for Israel, and on May 1-2, I, along with another dear friend and great teacher, will be team teaching a two day course for  those who want to know who have a heart for Israel. It will be in Venice, Florida at a wonderful church that partners with my congregation, Hamaayan.

A resource that has been of great value for connecting the Israeli ministries and international Christians has a new email & website link (no but now .org). They are " a 100% reader-supported, non-profit ministry and in real need of your generous support to continue. We have been operating for nearly 5 years on a limited budget and minimal staff. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to help strengthen the body of Messiah in Israel online in 2020!"

Howard Bass of the Beer Sheve Nachalat Yeshua congregation writes about their visit to Bethlehem to worship with Christian Arabs at the Immanuel Evangelical Church pastored by Nihad Salman. This is a connection to deepen the brotherly bonds that they have been doing for many years and Howard reports that it was a "wonderful visit". "The name of Jesus/Yasua was lifted up, and the need for us to remember that we are His lights in the world now, and our lives are to speak that we are His disciples and family."

Some, mostly internationals, from the Yeshua's Inheritance congregation's Students Group, were invited to sing Christmas songs t the Ben Gurion University Students Center p a first here for such an event. They sang "openly" -- and with a great proclamation of WHY we celebrate from Samuel. Praise God!  We pray that some of the crowd will have been blessed by the words and by the Spirit of Messiah to be more receptive to the truth and the wonder, leading them to repentance unto salvation. Samuel's confession is on this Holy Night video, plus videos of O Come All Ye Faithful and Joy to the World

Howard also wrote of family news, son Evan's 31st birthday (Randi's cake), wedding plans for Evan and daughter Tamar, plus son Tal hopes to study medicine - "which he has been drawn from all of the medical students he has met who have done their international medicine program here in Beer Sheva over the last 20 years." Blessings to all.

Israel Pochtar sends a great report on their Children's Hanukkah Project sharing " God's love with these families, while revealing the true Jewish roots of our Messiah Yeshua. People left the event feeling so touched and it was evident that God was doing a deep and amazing work in the hearts of these folks. The children's joy was priceless to witness..."

On Dec 25th they will do Christmas and Hanukkah Humanitarian Project celebration. If you can help your donation would be so welcome.

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

Shlomy Abramov is fully recovered from the outbreak among the Israeli ministries of Asian Flu who participated in the Welcoming the King of Glory conference, but we got word on Facebook from Rachel Boskey:  Avner and I were part of a wonderful conference last week here in the land ... we were privileged to lead worship and enjoy excellent fellowship and teaching. Many local Israeli believers and people from about 25 nations.  Since the flu season is upon us, many people left the conference and shortly became pretty sick ... including yours truly.

Turns out I got influenza “A” also known as avian flu or bird flu. Last Saturday night I went to the hospital with a high fever and the sensation of not being able to breathe very well ... haven’t been this sick since having pneumonia almost 30 years ago.  I’m so thankful for excellent medical care at Soroka Hospital in Beersheva ... people from every ethnic background you can think of ... truly top notch tender loving care

Hear the blessing video on Facebook

The masks we are wearing in our house are at the advice of medical staff ... avian flu is highly contagious and our lovely daughter in law ... 8-1/2 months pregnant ... lives in our home with our son ... who did get sick but not as bad ... Avner also didn’t feel well but he’s better. Glad to be on the right meds and to slowly get back in my feet and looking forward to life in the goodness of the Lord.

Please pray for all those who came into contact with this flu for healing and protection of their families.

Please continue to pray for: Ruth Nessim Critical prayer need she is losing sight! Prayers for a miracle for Ruth.| Continue to pray for Jacob Damkani | Olga Bikas has longstanding severe back pain. please keep praying for Olga. Sadly, she is not getting better and recently she has even felt worse for a period of time. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing. | Ronit Bender says my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine. I totally have peace about my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. Please continue to pray for Ronit

THANK YOU to those who have considered this ministry worthy of financial support.

Donna Diorio or
Donations appreciated |
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The Gift of God Arrows from Zion 12/18/2019

The Gift of God 
"For this purpose was the Son of God manifested"

Painting by Graham Braddock

To be honest, I do not understand the Messianic Jewish rejection of celebrating the birth of Yeshua. Not that it is rejected completely by all, but it is a fairly common hesitation or outright rejection among the Jewish believers.

I would think the Gospel accounts of the birth of Yeshua, a Jewish baby born according to prophetic scripture in Bethlehem, would be embraced as a day to celebrate, seeing how it is the strongest answer in the Scriptures as to who is a Jew. If Yeshua is a Jew, how could faith in Him as Messiah ever make any Jew no longer Jewish? Even Yair Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister's son, knows Yeshua was a Jew.

The resistance to "Christmas" must be because of all the other baggage that comes with the holiday, or the thinking that only the Biblical Feasts of the Lord should be observed. But to resist celebrating the birth of the Lord as a genuine holy day? I don't really understand that. The angels broke out in celebration, so why shouldn't we?
I understand and fully embrace the
Feasts of the Lord which God gave Israel to observe perpetually. Each and every one of them are prophetic types and shadows of God's plan of salvation in the Messiah. But consider this, the birth of Yeshua was the first manifestation of the Divine salvation plan that was not a type and shadow holy day.

The birth of Yeshua was the reality of types and shadows finally bursting into manifestation! This was reality bursting into our temporal, earthly realm in the most supernatural of circumstances. Yeshua's Father was in every sense, God.

Born a beautiful little Jewish baby in the humblest of settings, Yeshua was born to become the Lamb of God sacrificed on the altar.
For this purpose was the Son of God manifested, that He might destroy the works of the enemy. But before He could lay down His life as a sacrifice for our salvation, first He had to be born. Is that not reason enough to embrace the day? Is it any wonder the angels on high rejoiced singing, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom His favor rests.”

This day of Christmas can be treasured because almost the whole world stops for a day to gather together in an acknowledgement of the day everything changed for salvation of mankind. Maybe most of them have lost this meaning, or never even had the true meaning of Christmas 
—regardless it is Yeshua who is the historical marker. There would be no stopping to give gifts and gather with family if not for His birth. 

All the details that are annual fodder for arguments between different types of believers, and for looking down on each other, are not any less grievous to my spirit than the materialism that has overtaken so much of Christmas. It is a HOLY DAY. A day when God gave us a great Gift. If anything, the things that wrong with Christmas ought to inspire us to personally and individually restore joy and reverence for what was given to us that day.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counseller, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. For a child will be born for us, a son will be given to us, and the government will be on his shoulders." Isaiah 9:6

The prophets spoke of His birth and the angels rejoiced to see it Yeshua's birth, a beautiful manifestation of a generous God. — Donna Diorio

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Israel Pochtar, who just celebrated the 27th Anniversary with his wife Vicki (Mazal Tov!), sent us this VIDEO Recent Highlights & Testimonies from Beit Hallel Congregation, and a request to cover the Arab - Jewish Young Leaders Conference by the Red Sea that took place before this Arrows could be put out. So Pray that the seeds of unity planted in the conference would blossom abundantly. Here is video of Arab pastors Marwan and Salim from last year's gathering. Stay tuned, I'm sure Israel will send a great update of their time together as one.

Also Pochtar writes, "It's so important to bring to the nation of Israel the true meaning and message of Yeshua's nativity, life, death and resurrection, and no better time than now, when they see the whole world celebrating our Messiah's birth. We believe there is something special in the atmosphere during this season, precisely because many nations join in celebration of Yeshua's birth that took place over 2000 years ago, just a few miles from where we live. We invite you to join us in blessing these families and children with generosity, kindness and giving, which are the true synonyms of Christmas.

Tikkun Global has reached $20K in the $50K Donations Matching funds by GOD TV. Every donation thru Dec 31st will be doubled for use by the Tikkun Israeli ministries. They are also announcing a new YouTube channel #IAMWITHISRAEL inviting all to Subscribe.  Two articles from Tikkun: Down the Memory Hole by Dan Juster | From Generation to Generation by David Shish

Combining a couple of mailings from HaCarmel congregation which is led by Dani & LuAnne Sayag, they write of "Mount Carmel Worship Watch (MCWW) has expanded now to 24/7 worship and intercession, taking place in the sanctuary of Kehilat HaCarmel, as well as in our Elijah Prayer Cave." It is "a fulfillment of our founding vision to restore the altar of worship on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18:30-32)"
They also highlight a new congregation of Russian speaking believers in downtown Haifa "as a daughter congregation called Ma'ayan Simcha (Spring of Joy).

In outreaches, HaCarmel is providing food baskets to 350 Jewish and Arab families each month - Holocaust survivors, refugee families, street people and other needy people. They are participating again with the annual "Festival of Festivals" (so named because the diversity of Haifa's population), with their evangelists and hospitality provided on the streets of the festidal (Dec 21-28). They have a lot going on, and you can also to their
website and Facebook page to learn more. Also learn more about the 21st year of Mount Carmel School of Ministry, coming up in March 2020 website
Prayer points from Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram, and Kobi & Shani Ferguson of Maoz Ministries Tel Aviv (I believe it may be Kobi who is actually writing this weekly prayer points letter), first off they write "the restoration of the Levites" - not some anti-Yeshua Temple Mount (arm of the flesh) project, but a 100% Holy Spirit restoration of psalmists, singers/musicians and worshipers in Messiah in Israel! This has been the heart of Kobi and Shani for many years, as they began to assemble the Fellowship of Artists who are called to restore worship in Israel. They are asking for your prayers over the ministry to worship ministers in Israel - for friendships among them to continue to grow, and all the ministry they need to flow forth to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the restored Levites in the Land of Israel.

Maoz asks for continued prayer for Netanyahu who continues to serve as Prime Minister until a new PM is sworn in - also for the political gridlock that has forced now a third election to break the impasse. Also for God's will to prevail in the PM pick. In regards to the mutual defense pact with the USA that is being negotiated: that God forbid any pact that is not right for Israel's security. For salvations during the Hanukah 7 Christmas season, that many will see the prophesied great Light of Yeshua for gentiles &  "salvation in Zion, for Israel My glory."

I have been seeing the most wonderful videos (: Introduction message here, Prayer and worship various leaders here, and Benjamin Berger message here) and photos being posted by Avi & Chaya Mizrachi, Miriam and Shlomy Abramov, Guy Cohen and others who have been taking part in the Welcoming the King of Glory "one new man" gathering in Nazareth. A couple of years ago the Israeli ministries were approached by delegates from the indigenous peoples of the maritime nations of the South Pacific. They desired an invitation to come to Israel for this Welcoming the King of Glory conference event, but they were insistent that it must be by invitation of the body of Messiah in Israel. Glory! How many Christians have come never understanding the proper spiritual protocol of these Pacific Rim believers! 

I  think God is up to something wonderful here and expect it to continue to increase. In fact, as I write this, I recall another delegation of believers, this time they were the Israeli believers and they traveled to Rome to make a request of the 2nd pope, for the former contributions of the gentile believers to the Israeli believers be restored. Remember? The one that the apostle Paul collected for several years then brought to the believers in Israel with delegates from all the churches who collected donations for the ministry going on in Israel. Those they laid at the feet of the Messianic Jewish leadership because they did not have enough funding within the community. So, not only did the Israeli delegates get a flat NO! in response, but in fear of losing any authority over Christians to the Israeli believers, they called for the Nicean Council, which enacted rulings to make the Jewish believers in Yeshua a distant memory. How great is it to see a reversal of a delegation of gentile believers coming back to the Jewish believers in Israel in order to enter Israel with proper spiritual acknowledgment? 

Evan Thomas sends update on the Beit Asaph congregation in Netanya, where they "enjoyed a year of financial stability and ability to accomplish several goals. Specifically, it has been such a joy to see our younger generation flourish. Our youth (14-18 year-olds) stand out as a model for our whole congregation. This year they have been the primary group requesting baptism and they love outreach and mission. They also love to serve..." Does it get any better than that?! When you are reaching your teens, that says so much. They share many of the ministries they are doing in the congregation and also report on the successful lease contract they were able to get, plus the facelift of the facility.

Among their prayer requests - they were also participating in the Welcoming the King of Glory event & asked prayer, also for Miriam, their missionary just wrapping up a time in Uganda, for the youth and young adult programs for summer 2020, & their discipleship program which focuses on street mission. Plus Evan and Maala's trip in Switzerland together with Palestinian and Swiss colleagues, then on to NZ to spend time with family. Also asking prayer for "our politically beleaguered nation."

From Chuck Cohen, Intercessors for Israel, Friday Prayer Points 12/13/2019 (Click to read all the prayer points). One hightlight: # 9 Antisemitism & aliyah: There was another anti-Semitic attack this past week – in New Jersey at a kosher supermarket – resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. Yet many Jews who live in exile refuse to see what we in Israel see so clearly – it is time to return home, to make aliyah! Add to that the results of the UK elections, and the executive order signed by Trump declaring that there will be financial consequences for anti-Semitic behavior on campuses, and we are concerned that the impetus for aliyah will be reduced. Our prayer is that the Lord will continue to draw his people home.

Aleksey Raikhstadt at the Beit Immanuel Congregation in Jaffa tells the story of a prodigal believer who walked by on the street and hear the sounds of worship coming from within their Shabbat service and wondered, "Could God accept me once again???" God could and the believers at Beit Immanuel welcomed him in.  Also they have been having new people who have never known Yeshua coming to the services and after several meeting giving their life to Yeshua. So the congregation started some monthly in-depth Bible study classes to help them grow spiritually. They are also working with Jews for Jesus in Hebrew classes for new immigrants, teaching out of the Hebrew Bible. "... some of the students sit in the lessons with tears in their eyes as they hear of God's love. Please pray with us that the seeds planted in their hearts will bring fruit and that many will be saved."

"Many people come to our Shabbat services. Some find us on the Internet ( and others even stay at Beit Immanuel Guesthouse ( We are happy to welcome these friends from all over the world into our fellowship. As services are in Hebrew we provide simultaneous translation into English, but we need to purchase an additional set of translation devices. Please pray that we will be able to buy a set, and if you feel called to help us please contact us. Perhaps you will be one of the many people who benefit from the English translation." I have stayed at the Beit Immanuel Guest House in Jaffa, and loved it - also attending the worship services there back in 2003 and 2005. A lovely experience. 

From Asher Intrater the December Revive Israel Team Update including a short report on a Kenya and a Brazil Ministry trip, Revive Live VIDEO with Ron Cantor God Likes You!, Asher's continuing video series, Our Challenges Today vs. the Book of Acts (Part 2) and how Revive Israel uses 1/3 of undesignated income to bless carefully selected, strategic giving to Israeli Messianic congregations, organizations and individuals. "Your generosity also made it possible for nearly 330 000 Arabic speakers to be reached with the gospel via an Revive Israel partner social media project – up from 100 000 in 2018!"

Joseph Magen's sent a couple of email letters out and her are a couple of items that caught my:  New Christian Field hospital in Gaza ignites tension between Fatah and Hamas by Karen Royel | and 650 Christian Businesspeople Arriving in Israel for the ARISE Summit 2019  by Ishai Royel
Finally, an appeal by the founder of Fields of Wheat, which is a ministry for the "Equipping for the Harvest," Eitan Shishkoff writes about what matters most. To him, "I believe they are both high on God’s agenda too. One is youth. The other is the brotherhood of Arab and Jew." 

Eitan writes, "What if there was a place where we could fellowship, serve each other, worship together? What if that place had facilities providing children and youth with inspiration to serve the Lord in this land? What if we could see displayed the power of Yeshua’s love to heal all wounds? Not by chance, these are the very goals of Fields of Wheat. Today, would you please join me in creating such a, in the Galilee, where Yeshua first called His disciples to follow Him? Now, as we lean into a pivotal year in the unfolding of God’s end-time harvest, it is an ideal time to release resources to equip workers for the harvest. Yeshua said, “the harvest is great, and the laborers are few; pray therefore to the Lord of the harvest, that He will send laborers into his harvest field” (Matthew 9:37).

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue 
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs 

Ruth Nessim Critical prayer need she is losing sight! Prayers for a miracle for Ruth.| Continue to pray for Jacob Damkani | Olga Bikas has longstanding severe back pain. please keep praying for Olga. Sadly, she is not getting better and recently she has even felt worse for a period of time. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing. | Ronit Bender says my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine. I totally have peace about my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. I am very grateful they let me travel in October and November both to Australia and Holland. Please continue to pray for Ronit | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, for a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should. Please pray.

We worship Him who has come

by Howard Bass, Yeshua's Inheritance (Nachalat Yeshua)
congregation in Beer Sheva, Israel 

Hanukkah and Christmas are in the air.  The spotlight on Jesus during this season of His birth shines brighter than the light that the Maccabees re-lit.  They were called saviors (just as the Judges during their time), but they could only point Israel to our need of a true Savior, the true Savior -- from every form of idolatry and oppression, sin being chief among them. 
As I write this there are spiritual songs being played and sung in the background, praising our God and Savior; and it is freeing to be able to enjoy them without a scrooge spirit that I used to have.  Praise the Lord for the Holy Spirit enlightening me and Randi to rejoice in the great and holy thing that God did to bring His Son into the world among His people as the promised Savior and King!  The God of gods came to redeem the human race and all of His universe that He created and made, buying it back from the rebel and liar!  The day belongs to Him whom all the angels of God worship. Read,
The Mighty Act of Yeshua's Birth
At this time of year which should unite all Messianic/Christian believers, there is much division.  If we are divided on something so 'obvious', what surprise should it be that we will also be divided on many other 'lesser' issues.  We worship Him who has come, the One of whom Moses and the Prophets spoke.  We are AD and not BC in our clarity.  Yeshua/Jesus increases as we decrease.
All that was spoken in time past to the fathers at various times and in various ways has now been spoken to us by the Son.  This Scripture is particularly written to Messianic Jews in the Epistle to the Hebrews, but speaks to everyone brought into the Commonwealth of Israel by the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob/Israel.  Just as we can use and need simple arithmetic to help understand higher math, so, too, can we use the roots and foundations of the faith to better appreciate the fullness of the much higher thoughts and ways of YHVH God.
As an expression of the unity of the Body of Messiah, we will again go, with others from Yeshua's Inheritance Congregation joining us, to Bethlehem to an evangelical Palestinian Arab church to celebrate with them the birth of the Lord, and also to be with them as a testimony that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. As a church, they are not particularly favorable towards the purpose of God regarding Israel.  But at the personal level, we have a friendship and fellowship as we walk in the light together about what we disagree about.
 The Holy Spirit will do His necessary work in each and all of us.  Our going is an encouragement to them, and we are all reminded that Jesus/Yeshua/Yasua is not in anyone's particular camp.  We must go to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach. And Yeshua said that He bears the reproach of the Father. (Ps 69:5-9; Rom 15:1-7) We mutually build up each other as we rejoice in our Savior, born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth, moved to Capernaum, crucified in Jerusalem, to where He will return at the appointed unexpected time, just like when He first came.
Please pray for God to be pleased and glorified at the church service and in the fellowship among the believers in love. Our peoples need such a genuine testimony and witness to the truth of Messiah/Christ being Jesus/Yeshua/Yasua. There is only one Gospel which is the power of God to save human beings, created in His image, from our sins.
The prayer for unity also goes out for us within Israel 'proper'.  As everywhere, we have our differences and disputes. But we are family here in a way that I think is a bit unique, since YHVH has chosen a family to be His people, the Children of Jacob/Israel.  The Church is also a family that the Father is calling out from every tribe and tongue and people and ethnic group, whom Jesus redeemed to God by His blood of the New Covenant.  When we acknowledge that we are brothers and sisters, we will "try harder", in love for our Father and His beloved Son, to resolve matters peaceably, even bearing Messiah's reproach for the sake of greater reward than merely "being right" now.  Who knows? We may be wrong now. 
So please also keep the Body of Messiah/Christ in Israel in your prayers, for Holy Spirit unity in the bond of peace. We are certain that in your own country and churches this is also discernible and understandable. In Israel, we are up close and personal, not separated by vast distances or strong denominational divisions. Yet the same spirit which brings division is also here without labels.
Randi and I thank God for each and all of you who have come along side us on our way together with you, seeking to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.  Thank-you for your prayers, for your active interest, for visits, for gifts.  We thank our God and Father that we are with you in His growing family, and that one day we all have new names, and not forget anyone's.   We will also see each other face-to-face when we see the Lord face-to-face, too.  What an eternal day of glory that will be.  His joy is our strength, and will see us through the dark times coming.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!  Merry Christmas, and a blessed 2020 for the glory of the name of the Lord.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Prayer Assignment |Arrows from Zion 12/11/2019

A Prayer Assignment at Porta Negra

The Porta Nigra is the oldest defensive structure in Trier, Germany. It was erected in about 180 AD when the Roman city was surrounded by walls. Today it is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. 
Heart of G-d Ministries points out why that is important as a prayer assignment.

It could even be said this is a strategic "gate of hell" that shall not prevail against the body of Messiah.

INTRODUCTION: For a couple of weeks I have been gathering research material for an article I felt compelled to finally address. I have been seeing an increase in our Messianic/Christian community articles about rising "Christian" Anti-Semitism. Last week I spotted an article in the Times of Israel, "The Tell: Three of the impeachment witness lawyers were Jewish, and it matters".  The writer, Kon Kampeas, is the Washington, DC Bureau chief of the Left-leaning Jewish Telegraph. Kampeas said, of the high Jewish profile in impeachment hearings "predictably it mattered to anti-Semites." Then he specifically called Ann Coulter and TruNews anti-Semites.

The writer, Kon Kampeas, is the Washington, DC Bureau chief of the Left-leaning Jewish Telegraph. Kampeas said, "predictably it mattered to anti-Semities." Then he specifically called Ann Coulter and TruNews anti-Semites.

There is no doubt about it that there are people who call themselves Christians who are truly anti-Semitic, but there are others who are just downright confused by where they are supposed to stand. Look, it would be impossible not to notice how many times Jews are major players in the struggle between right and wrong that is going on in US politics. That has been true for a while, pre-dating Trump's entry into politics.

The subject is quite a tough one to deal with because something that Ron Kampeas and TruNews neither one can comprehend is that the main reason Jews line up on the wrong side of real justice so often is because they do not YET know the Messiah of Israel. As the scripture notes, "For they being ignorant of God's righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God."

Now I don't know if the Christianity that TruNews people claim is for real, or if their eyes will ever open to what God is doing, but I do know this: We are in a time of history where the anti-Semitism Christians embrace is a huge spiritual disqualifer. AS IF God is going to welcome Jew haters into eternity! I don't think so!

So when we see Jews prominent in conspiracies against people who are standing for truth and justice, instead of letting it make us hate Jews, we should let it prompt us to pray for Jewish salvation.

This is why we are continually seeking to further the understanding of God's plan in the fullness of time to bring Jew and Gentile into "one new man" in Messiah. When Christians see this, it clarifies so much and they can see that the answer is prayer for the salvation of the Jewish people in Yeshua Messiah.
— Donna Diorio

This is why I was so excited to read the following excerpt from the Israeli Heart of G-d ministry of Carolyn and Richard Hyde:

Porta Nigra in Trier | A Prayer Assignment | Carolyn and Richard Hyde, Heart of G-d Ministries | We've noticed that most conversations among believers eventually move to a topic of great concern on how the Left wing agenda is eroding the very moral fabric of Western civilization.

     Recently I met a prophetic dance group and when the leader told me she’s from Trier, Germany, the L-rd put this city on my heart so strongly that I began to pray and do some spiritual mapping. Then the L-rd poured out Scriptures and brought friends with prophetic words of confirmation along with a strategy about the roots of the Left wing agenda - Marxist-Leninist communism. Karl Marx, the original founder of communism was a Jew born in Trier, Germany.

     Now of course we wondered what could we do about this! As we continued to dig, we found that the founders of these movements and other similar ones such as the Frankfurt School were all Jewish. Saul Alinsky, also Jewish, the chief philosopher from this school was the inspiration for Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton.

     Yeshua, the King of Kings came from Jewish seed and we are called the Apple of G-d's eye and lots of other blessed names. But we, the Jewish people, have also sinned greatly against our G-d as we've been very influential as anti-Semitic, anti-G-d Jews.

     So it seems that Trier is a trigger for the real event as several Israeli Jewish believers are completely on board with us regarding the main strategy for this prayer journey to Trier to worship in the ancient city gate, the Porta Nigra and repent as Daniel did in Daniel Chapter 9:2-19. At first Richard was skeptical until a dear friend from Australia, who knew nothing about this calling, spoke these words over us, "I see an ancient city gate that is waiting for you to come."

     Since then, a continuous flow of words of confirmation have been coming in from Germany, England, Ireland, Mexico, America and Israel! The timing is also special as the Sisters of Darmstadt are hosting a meeting for national repentance the day before we repent in Trier...

     Last week the L-rd woke me up and said it's time to mobilize the prayer warriors. The dance leader from Trier woke up that morning with the same word! So if this resonates with any of you and you'd like to read more, please let me know and I'll be glad to send you some more information. We would be most grateful for your prayer coverage during this journey to Germany in February, 2020. — Carolyn and Richard Hyde

I would like to share this encouraging email I received from a subscriber, because it emphasizes how the impact of this prayer list goes well beyond the number of subscribers.

Dear Donna,
     I wanted to tell you what a blessing and preparation these letters have been to me. I’ve recently been commissioned to be an ambassador to Israel with "XXX" {an organization I have been with] for 18 years in Atlanta. I’m also a Jewish believer and will now begin speaking in XXX groups that have chosen Israel to pray for and support.
     A group in Oklahoma said they’ve been praying for a year for this. I met with my team head over Middle East/ North Africa. He was saved over 25 years ago and discipled by Israeli believers .... He’s been praying for a messianic Jewish person to be on his team. God is fitting all this together.
     Love, BB in Atlanta

Arrows from Zion
Summarized from the Weekly Summary of Prayer Requests Israeli Ministries by subscription only

Sean left his heart in Israel when he moved his sabra Israeli wife and their children back to the United States a while back, but it has not stopped his ministry work going forth in Israel. Sean partners with Yariv Goldman, new head of Hands of Mercy, in a new work that is ministering to ex-Orthodox people who are ill-equipped for life outside of the insular society they departed from. When I say insular, I mean they really do not have the life skills to make it. Maybe you've seen one of the documentaries, like One of Us, that have been made about how hard it is for these to adapt to living in the regular world. Watch Sean and Yariv talk about their new ministry house Addullam where they are helping Israeli "Datlashim" with basic life skills to live and thrive outside the oppressive, insular society they left. Also ionvolved in the oversight team are Oded Cohen of Negev Blossom and Dr Michael Brown of ICN Ministries.

Sean writes, Ayelet (wife) and I are super excited about this project because it is a fulfilment of many prophetic words that one day we would be working again with the Orthodox Jewish community after many years working with mostly secular and traditional Jewish people. Up until now, we have operated off a shoestring budget for most our work in Israel. However, now as we are engaging in this access ministry project that is needed for this desperate community. This has caused our financial needs to significantly grow! Donate here, please designate Simeon's Cry

We also heard from Daniel and Shirya Yahav after a long while. They open writing about the distinct potential for war in their region. They have a large congregation in Tiberias, northern Israel at the Sea of Galilee. They keep one eye on developments there while continuing to build God's kingdom in Israel. Remind you of Nehemiah 4:17 where "The laborers who carried materials worked with one hand and held a weapon with the other." The write about recent additions to the congregation and also seeing some of their elderly congregants reach the age of going to nursing homes in Haifa. The flow of life. Daniel is doing a teaching tour in Germany and about to come out with the first printing in German of his book about his father in the Holocaust, and his own testimony. All the proceeds of the book are going to the Peniel Fellowship's building fund. This is a congregation we have written about many times that just needs more space.

Evan Levine of the HaTikva Project makes a special appeal for their financial aid department writing that because of the focus on their Dental and Adoption/Fostering departments, their benevolence aid for Israeli believers in financial crisis has taken a hit. All the work they are doing is a huge blessing to both believers and unbelievers, but the aid to believers in financial crisis is especially close to my heart. Scripture tells us "while we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, and especially to those who are of the household of the faith." If you can help with an end of the year gift see how to give here

From Israel Pochtar of Beit Hallel in Ashdod (and Voice of Judah Ministries) the 2/5 email is a Year in Review and a Looking Forward to 2020. Wow. Can you believe 2020 is already upon us? In 2019 they provided food hampers to 12,000 families in Ashdod and Ashkelon, blessing 2,000 Holocaust survivors and their families too. In 2020 they are hoping to do even more. This is a ministry that helps new immigrants with so much practical help. They also have an intense desire to share Yeshua with as many as are drawn by God to hear the Good News. You can help with large or small gifts Donate Now

Joseph Magen of wrote to say Make a note of the new link to all of the Kehila resources. One really important news article is how the Director of the “Lehava” organization, has been indicted for incitement to violence, racism, and terrorism. You remember this past year the reporting we passed along of the anti-missionaries attacking believers at a couple of events? This was that anti-missionary group. Read more about this and please pray for true justice to come from this indictment.

Also at Kehila I want to feature this because it would make such a wonderful Christmas or Hanukkah gift:
Announcing the publication of the Jerusalem Illustrated Bible. In one of the may testimonials for the 250 pieces of art work by Elhanan ben-Avraham in this large family Bible of Old & New Testments, Asher Intrater wrote, "As one of the first and pioneer artists in the Messianic community in Jerusalem, his art seeks not only to portray the story line involved, but also the heart and spirit of the events and personalities involved. In this sense his drawings are “illustrations” in the deepest sense of the word: illuminating the picture....It would be worth taking notice of the facial expressions, surroundings, clothing and many other details, all worked out with the detail-conscious eye of the artist. Of course, Elhanan is a master at bringing out the Jewish psyche, culture and environment of his subjects.  The feel from his pictures is that they bring out not only the universal meaning but also the struggle and passion of the individual’s soul in each portrait."

From Maoz ministries, Ari & Shira Sorko-Ram and Kobi & Shani Ferguson, the spotlight is on their IStandwithIsrael fund which helps so many Israeli believers around the country in so many ways. Here are two of those ways: The Lone Soldier Project and the testimony of Sarah in their scholarships for students project.

Ron Cantor wrote from the midst of leading a tour group through Israel, visiting Michael Beener in Sderot to tell the group about how they are ministering to people living in a town only 1 mile from Gaza that continuously must run for shelter from incoming rockets. Later a stop by his borther-in-law's moshav for barbecue for the tour group. This is the kind of tour you want to be on, that takes you to real Israel, meeting real people. The next Up to Zion tour in May. Also check this VIDEO The Prophetic Timeline of Israel by Ron on God’s hand throughout history to reveal how the Almighty restored the language of Hebrew and the nation of Israel. Plus Relationship between Jews and Gentiles in the New Covenant Part II

[Do you see how this works? When you are armed with the facts, you know how to pray for the Israeli ministries working in the harvest field of salvation for "all Israel". Yes, someone can give you a quick set of prayer points to pray, but that doesn't move you any closer to really understanding how to pray for them without needing a prepared list. It's like the same principle of, you can give a man a fish to eat one meal, or you can teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime. Nothing compares with increasing your understanding of what the Israeli ministries are actually up against to minister salvation.]

Lastly, in the Tikkun matching funds that ends on Dec 31st, Ron says that $20,000 has been given (so doubled by GOD TV). This is an excellent opportunity for double blessing the Tikkun Israel ministries Donate online

The Joseph Project is also highlighting their humanitarian work in Israel like the Help & Hope for Sderot where they partner with Hands of Mercy, and partnering with HaTikva in the Orphan Shabbat that was held recently. Joseph Project would love you donations and also is a place that you can volunteer to work when visiting Israel.  

We began with the excerpt from Richard and Carolyn Hyde of Heart of G-d ministries and return to the rest of their monthly ministry letter with Carolyn writing about a theological term "prevenience" which means God's working in a life or situation before we ever show up on the scene to join Him. It is a word that likely explains Yeshua's John 5:19 statement, "the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in like manner." That is a profound yet simple understanding of the statement, don't you think? She continues, "So when the L-rd brings about a divine appointment we need to understand that we're working in partnership with Him. He wants to guide us in the way He was already going. We need to have eyes and ears open to the Spirit to sense the direction to go." Amen!

In the Media Team arena, the Hydes write, "We have some end of the year needs. If G-d puts it on your heart for an end of the year donation it would be much appreciated. G-d is good! We recently found out we can accept stocks as donations. This helps you avoid capital gain tax and it's a blessing to us..... Also we are searching for an expert in Google/YouTube advertising who is willing to help us spread the Gospel."

Michael and Dena Beener of the City of the Living congregation in Sderot write about the practical ways they are helping people in their city so traumatized by the rocket fire and threat from Gaza. One, they will put on a Hannukah Celebration for the children - a recent Facebook video unforgettably demonstrated the fear of the children too fearful to leave the bomb shelter. A little light hearted fun is a blessing. Also they write about their counseling and financial aid to a mother with children facing multiple family distresses, and the opportunity they have to come to the financial aid of a wrestling program for poor children in Sderot by providing $6,100 worth of equipment. To help them minister in Sderot donate through PayPal  or email for info

The Juster's, Dan & Patty and Ben & Lorena catch us up on the Restoration from Zion doings over the past month which has included a lot of traveling in the US for Dan and Ben on separate travels to make new and old connections at every stop. It is so encouraging to hear how many denominational leaders are looking now with greater interest in the labors of the body in Israel. A major sign of the times! Visit the new Restoration from Zion website to learn more about the ministry under the apostolic covering of Tikkun Global, a family of several apostolic ministries led by leaders with deep historic covenant relationships and mutual accountability. (By the way, I love this article by Daniel Juster The Annual vilification of Christmas.

Rick and Patricia Ridings of Succat Hallel have a new book out "Shifting Nations Through Houses of Prayer”. Watch and share this video where they talk about the book

Urgent HEALING Needs: Life and Death is in the power of the tongue
Please keep in prayer these Israeli ministry leaders and believers with urgent health needs

Ruth Nessim
Critical prayer need she is losing sight! Prayers for a miracle for Ruth.| Continue to pray for Jacob Damkani | Olga Bikas has longstanding severe back pain. please keep praying for Olga. Sadly, she is not getting better and recently she has even felt worse for a period of time. | Rania Sayegh asks for prayer of restoration of strength, energy, and complete healing. | Ronit Bender says my heart valve  is still leaking but my lungs are fine. I totally have peace about my health, although it is far from great.  I still appreciate prayer, as I need it. I am very grateful they let me travel in October and November both to Australia and Holland. Please continue to pray for Ronit | Shlomy Abramov of Awake Israel, for a condition where blood does not flow to his legs as it should. Please pray.

Here's My Article from the Messianic Times

Terrorism Target: Messianic Congregation in Las Vegas
Click title to read the article on my Facebook Note

Since I wrote this for the Messianic Times, the deficiencies of how the ADL is covering American anti-Semitism incidents has broken wide open. I want to make sure everyone has a chance to read this. Next month in the Messianic Times I have another important related article which can answer many questions of Messianic synagogues on how they can more protect their congregations from mass shooters or other types of terroristic attacks. Get a 14-day free trial offer (only $9.99 annual online subscription to the Messianic Times)

Coming up in the Jan-Feb issue of Messianic Times,

Rising Anti-Semitism: Creating a Safety Plan for Your Synagogue.

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